Hair and accessory by Sheena-image by Sue Anne Simon

My name is Sheena. Thank you very much for visiting my website. I am a mobile bridal-wedding hair stylist offering a mobile hairdressing service for weddings and special occasions in the UK. I also offer a bespoke hair accessory designing service for the bride and her bridal party. The hair accessories are mainly custom made to suit your occasion. The hair and accessory services will also cover celebrations like birthdays, anniversay celebrations, prom parties, hen nights, christenings and any other celebration.

I am based in Cheltenham but I will also travel outside of Cheltenham for wedding hair appointments. Popular Cotswold towns & villages I cover for the bridal and wedding hair styling services include Bibury, Tetbury, Cirencester, Stroud, Painswick, Broadway, Stanton, Winchombe, Stow on the wold, Chipping Campden, Chipping Norton etc. Generally speaking, I travel to most places within Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Worcesterhsire, Warwickshire, Herefordshire, Wiltshire & Somerset-UK.

To check If I can help please dont hesitate to get in touch. Send message

Hair and Accessories by Sheena -  Image  below by Rik Pennington photography

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  • Athena Beady Bride`s signature accessory (2)
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  • SHRYN-10-Hair by-Sheenas-Wedding-Hairstyles-Image by Albert Palmer
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  • EMMA IRONSIDE- Cripps Barn-Cotswold bridal hair stylist-UK (2)
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  • Emyatkn-12-Hair by Sheenas-Wedding Hairstyles-Image by Lush Imaging
  • EMMA IRONSIDE- Cripps Barn-Cotswold bridal hair stylist-UK (1)
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  • EMMA IRONSIDE- Cripps Barn-Cotswold bridal hair stylist-UK (4)
  • Afro-hair-bridal-and-wedding-stylist-Gloucestershire-BTNY (6).2
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  • Cheltenham-Bridal-and-wedding-Hairstylist-UK-JGNA-2
  • Delicate-bridal-hair-accessory-Elmore-court-wedding-7
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  • Bridal hair-pin-accessory-by Beady Bride-Gloucestershire-UK-KRN-2.1
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  • EMMA IRONSIDE- Cripps Barn-Cotswold bridal hair stylist-UK (5)
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  • KTFLY 7-Hair by Sheenas-Wedding-Hairstyles-Image-by-Weddings Vintage
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  • hair-styled-by-cotswold-bridal-hairstylist-uk-jop (3)
  • NMY 4 -Hair by Sheenas-Wedding-Hairstyles-Image by Robert Leons photography
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  • NMY 2-Hair by Sheenas-Wedding-Hairstyles-Image by Robert Leons photography
  • Bridal hair-pin-accessory-by Beady Bride-Gloucestershire-UK-KRN-6
  • Sheenas wedding hairstyles-Bridal hair stylist-Gloucestershire-5
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  • Hairstyled by Sheenas Wedding Hairstyles-UK-CRY21
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  • GWYA-1-Hair by Sheenas-Wedding-Hairstyles-Image by Lyndsey Goddard
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  • SARA LOUISE-strattford bridal-hairstylist-UK (3)
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  • KMB  (5)-Hair by Sheenas-Wedding-Hairstyles-Image by Noel Deasington
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  • Wedding-Hair-stylist-Gloucestershire-UK-2018-KML 1.1

    Occasion and bridal-wedding earrings by Sheena
    Using beautiful pearls, 14K gold, Rose gold, Sterling Silver and high quality sparkling crystals I create a varied selection of superb earrings to suit any occasion. Get in touch to find out if I can help on this side of things for your occasion. You can also browse the full selection on my online shop

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    • Occasion-bridal-wedding-earrings with 14K gold & pearls-2
    • Occasion-bridal-fresh water pearl-earrings with gold filled hoops-1

      Hair and Accessories by Sheena -  Image below by Will Patrick