Occasion Accessories & Jewellery

I offer an exceptional hair accessory and jewellery designing service for the bride and her bridal party. I design and meticulously create all the hair accessories and earrings by hand with great care and patience. The attention to detail and colour is based on your hair requirements, theme of the occasion and what you will be wearing. This is a bespoke service and so a consultation is vital. Please let me know on contact if you will require help with this hair accessory and Jewellery service. 

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    Hair and accessory by Sheena - Image by James Fear


    Image below by The Gribbons. Hair & accessory by Sheena

    Beautifully hand crafted bridal har accessories-UK

    Hair & accessory by Sheena. Image by Benjamin Wetherall

    Hair & accessory by Sheena. Image by Simon Bunney

    Hair & accessory by Sheena. Image by James Fear

    Hair & accessory by Sheena. Image by Will Patrick