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  1. Rosea-Delicate- intricate-bridal-hair accessory-head piece by Beady Bride-U

    Hi all, first of all thank you very much for the support over the years. Today, I am hapy to anounce that now the online hair accessory boutique which has all my intricately hand designed wedding and bridal hair accessories is fully set and running. The hair accessries that I design and meticulously hand make are pretty, colourful and will trully compliment your hair style. Should you wish to see more of the hair accessory range that I offer to all my clients as an extra service please visit my on line hair accessory boutique by clicking on the image below. Please let me know what you think of the hair accessories and if I can help in any way in that regard.Images below by James Fear 
    Exquisite-bridal-wedding-hair-accessories (1).2

  2. Hair by Sheenasweddinghairstyles-UK-image by Nadia Dixon-1
    I have been to the Manor by the Lake wedding venue many times and each time, I have a relaxed time here. It is one of my favourite venues in Cheltenham town itself. The location of this venue is perfect in relation to where I live so the mornings here are always easy ones for me. Adeela my bride got married here last year. Adeela has incredibly thick and very naturally very tight curly hair and I have to say I have never come across such thick beautiful hair. Now I wish I had taken the before images so you could see for yourself how thick and beautiful her natural hair was.
    Hair by Sheenasweddinghairstyles-UK-image by Nadia Dixon-2
    But I couldn’t convince Adeela to wear it more naturally even though I was in love with her natural hair! She wanted straight hair and as smooth as we could get it without making look flat and causing damage. The trials went incredibly well and after that, all we had to worry about was the weather. Trust the English weather! it always does whatever it wants regardless ones wishes doesn’t it? Well it did rain on the day but luckily it didn’t just chuck it down like crazy all day. There was some sunshine.
    Hair by Sheenasweddinghairstyles-UK-image by Nadia Dixon-3
    Seeing the rain in the morning however didn’t put us off what we wanted to achieve for the day even though we had plan b wedding hairstyle in case we needed it. It was a huge success. Loved the results for the whole bridal party and it lasted through out the whole day! Yeah!!!! I happily share these wonderful images by Nadia Dixon. You can see more of Nadia work here Thanks Adeela and Nadia for sharing your images with me here.
    Hair by Sheenasweddinghairstyles-UK-image by Nadia Dixon-4
    Hair by Sheenasweddinghairstyles-UK-image by Nadia Dixon-6
    Hair by Sheenasweddinghairstyles-UK-image by Nadia Dixon-5
    Hair by Sheenasweddinghairstyles-UK-image by Nadia Dixon-7
    Hair by Sheenasweddinghairstyles-UK-image by Nadia Dixon-9
    Hair by Sheenasweddinghairstyles-UK-image by Nadia Dixon-11
    Hair by Sheenasweddinghairstyles-UK-image by Nadia Dixon-12
    Hair by Sheenasweddinghairstyles-UK-image by Nadia Dixon-13
    Hair by Sheenasweddinghairstyles-UK-image by Nadia Dixon-15Hair by Sheenasweddinghairstyles-UK-image by Nadia Dixon-8

  3. CHLT9-Hair by Sheenas-Wedding-Hairstyles-Image-by-Mustard Yellow Photograph
    Charlotte was looking for something quite elegant and yet relaxed. Her dress was absolutely beautiful. It suited her so perfectly that the hairstyle really was just complimentary to the whole look. The flowers were added to give the hair a country vibe and I must say the morning was a huge success. For the girls, they wore floral summer dresses and she wanted them to be relaxed with their hairstyling too. Each bridesmaid was allowed to chose whatever tstyle they wanted to have. What a treat! She got married at the Stone barn in the Cotswolds which is a great wedding venue too. Charlotte has kindly shared these images below with me and they appear here because of the courtesy of Yellow Mustard Photography, charlottes wedding day photographer.

    CHLT2-Hair by Sheenas-Wedding-Hairstyles-Image-by-Mustard Yellow PhotographCHLT8-Hair by Sheenas-Wedding-Hairstyles-Image-by-Mustard Yellow PhotographCHLT5-Hair by Sheenas-Wedding-Hairstyles-Image-by-Mustard Yellow PhotographCHLT4-Hair by Sheenas-Wedding-Hairstyles-Image-by-Mustard Yellow PhotographCHLT7-Hair by Sheenas-Wedding-Hairstyles-Image-by-Mustard Yellow Photograph