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It has been a while since I last posted something for an update. It has been hard and hectic since my last blog entry but I just thought in these very few minutes, I should share the talents of one called Jen with you today.  For those brides to be out there that are looking for affordable but excellent quality wedding stationery, the place to look is Mary Loves Bob. 

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The company is owned and run by Jen who was my bride last year. Having worked in the wedding industry for many years Jen has extensive experience in stationery design. She took inspiration from her grandparents who have been married for so many years and still crazy about each other! And hence her business name Mary Loves Bob. How wonderful! She specialises in designing beautiful stationery for weddings and special occasions and you don’t have to pay a fortune to choose from her bespoke stationery. I am very happy to share her work with you here. For more on her amazing talent please click

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It`s always exciting but at the same time nerve racking for me to have a client who works in the wedding industry asking for my wedding hairstyling services. Exciting because I want to hear and learn from their experiences and nerve racking because I have nowhere to hide. I am being watched! Do I leave up to their expectations or am I up to scratch within I offer. So when Jen came to me for wedding hairstyling, I was honoured that she had chosen me but also quite nervous. 
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At our meeting she said, “No pressure Sheena I am easy.” She was kind, understanding and patient. Her wedding dress was amazing. I had not seen anything like it before and have not seen another like her it since her wedding. I think she wore the dress and the hairstyle with such natural ease as if the two were meant to be just for her. For her hairstyle, at the trial runs, we tried different hairstyle possibilities until we were both settled on one that suited her and her dress best below.

quiff-hairstyle-vintage-wedding-jnytp (1)quiff-hairstyle-vintage-wedding-jnytp (2)

Jen`s wedding images are by the courtesy of style is reportage, informal photography).

Thanks Jen for having chosen me. X Sheena.

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