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Chignons and buns……..? what`s the difference?

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Last year, it was another one of those great requests. “I want a chignon/bun for my wedding day. And I want the bridesmaids to have a similar theme to mine but not exactly the same style as my wedding hairstyle. Knowing that chignons are always traditionally speaking styled in the nape, that could only mean for a similar theme, whatever I did, the hair would have to be styled somewhere into the nape. 

A chignon traditionally is a mass of hair twisted/rolled and pinned to sit in a central position in nape of the neck. From the front if wide like in a sausage shape is normally seen from both sides of the face and from the back is usually pinned centrally and low in the nape and for that reason, a chignon cannot be called a bun.

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In modern times, chignons can be broken up and less wider while styling to create texture and softness for a more of a modern look and so it doesn’t have to be worn from ear to ear. A must do for this is pinning the hair low in the nape. 
On the other hand, traditionally a hair bun usually is rounded and can be plain or detailed as desired and can sit at any point of the head. These days, buns can be styled and worn on the sides, in the nape, on the crown or at any point of the head in all sorts of shapes and to suit your liking the sky is the limit. 

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Happy to share with you that the above bride Elana got married at Birtsmorton Court, Malvern, Worcestershire, Uk last year. Her wedding was featured in 24sevenlive seven magazine.

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In modern terms a bun when worn low in the nape can be called a chignon as long as it sits right into middle of the nape. Because chignons cannot be placed anywhere else other than in the nape, they cannot be classed as buns. Hence any hair buns that have been pinned on the furthest side or above ears or further still at the crown cannot be classified as chignons. So while a bun can become a chignon if placed and styled in the nape, a chignon is restricted to being styled in the nape and nape only.
Good luck in finding your perfect chignon and bun for your wedding hairstyle.

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I also took these below images from my very poor camera capturing the detail of the hairstyles. I hope you like them.

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