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Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it.”

This couldn’t have been truer for me on Jen`s wedding day. That is the day I stopped and actually gave my all work wise completely without holding back. I until then had no idea as to the true meaning of sacrifice, empathy or compassion. I believe and now know from experience that it`s not until you have truly placed yourself fully in another person`s situation can you come any close to understanding how that person must be feeling. Simple selfless acts and thoughts of empathy to one whom I didn’t know and whom I may not even ever meet again made me see things in a different way altogether. The responsibility gave me something that I find indescribable both emotionally and psychologically.

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They say that in life one may come to a life changing turn in her or his life. That point for me was the week Jen got married. In that week just a few days before Jen`s wedding, I lost someone very dear and close to my heart. I know that the strength that enabled me to create this beautiful wedding hairstyle for Jen on her wedding day without holding back on that morning was in explainable. The bride had no idea at all about this of course. She deserved all the happiness joy and love there is that her heart could find.  X Sheena.

grecian-vintage-wedding-hairstyle-uk-jnhz (4)

Jen got married in Bath, Cotswolds-Uk. These simply beautiful images above were taken by Alison and Justin You can enjoy some video highlights of Jen`s wedding day by following this link

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