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Wedding hair trial runs- do I really need one?

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My answer is yes and especially so if you are as vain and obsessive as myself when it comes to hair (when I go out on an occasion, I do mess around with my hair and won`t give up until it sits just as I want it to.) Yes you need one if you are visualising yourself as a Madame / princess and would like to look like someone from a glossy magazine. And even if you may not be interested in such imaginations and worldly/celebrity looks, trust me you won`t regret having one.

From my experience, skipping a trial is not worth your while. For whatever reasons, my advice is just don’t skip one! If you are trying to save money by not going for one, when it comes on the wedding day and your nerves are getting the best of you, then you will probably remember this entry. I do have some brides asking if I can do weddings without trials. With my experience, I can of course and I have confidence that I would not disappoint but will you be calm and confident enough in me for me to just turn up on the day and then God knows what I am going to do to your hair?

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I know that talented wedding hairstylists with a lot of experience in styling brides can easily just do magic on the day but will their magic impress you on the day? Most magic does impress but when your mood is so delicate and in cases where your feelings may be sore from stress, do you really want an extra amount of stress added onto what you already have? And what if what I call magic is your nightmare?

Plus if you have bridesmaids or mums that are fussier than yourself, they are more likely to add nightmares to your morning by being overly anxious themselves and their offer to help or advise you on what you should have or shouldn’t have can leave you in a totally confused situation. And that is more likely to make you feel nervous and even teary. And if it was the case that you were feeling extremely anxious and freaked, the chances of a happy bride will be diminished. Even though you might be a really nice person, when all is not going well or as you visualised, there is a high chance that you may throw a tantrum! Which is understandable but is it worth the hassle?  Do you see where I am going? Do I really need to carry on?

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If you are trying to save money by skipping the trial, it is not worth it. It is important to iron out any imperfections in the style and therefore making sure that the hairdresser completely interprets your ideas in the same way as you envisage. Words can be written in the same way but the interpretation of those words in an image is different. If you and I were both given an empty canvas to draw or paint an image of a bride with her hair styled with curls, I am sure you and I would have completely different images drawn on the paper. For that reason alone, I can justify a trial run. 

It may cost you in the end but it will be worth every penny spent on it. You have to get it right at the trial so that it`s just as you imagine the style to be the day. Some brides say “I don’t necessarily care if it`s not perfect and I am not fussy” but even the imperfect hairstyle will need to be styled to look imperfect if you know what I mean. Some say, I want a style that looks like I have just woken up! Yes I can give you that style but even that style, will need some creative skills to get you perfect natural hair that hasn’t been slept on to look like you have just got out of bed! 

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Thanks for reading and wishing you fun on your wedding hair trial run.

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