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A cool retro inspired style for my friend

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Vintage-Retro hairstyle-man-3
This is a hair trial style that I did for one of my friends who got married last year. Its crazy but I absolutely loved it. Its definitely one of those hairstyles out of the normal bridal zone. The brighter the colour the better the effects. Blue for something blue works perfectly too. Emphasis can be added to the pin curls and to be even more dramatic one can empahsize the height of the stand up curl at the front to make a mohican shape more subastancial.The sky is the limit on that and for those who want even further drama, add a non bridal accessory accessory to make a point.Love it. This style is also great for hen parties. Try it out!
Vintage-Retro hairstyle-man-4
Vintage-Retro hairstyle-man-1

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