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Choosing your bridal hairstylist for your wedding day

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Are you a perfectionist? I am one of those. If you think a perfectionist would drive you crazy on your wedding day then quit now.

I love my job too much I think. My husband criticises me for being too much of a perfectionist and sometimes, I have to watch myself when I am obsessing too much about things in general. But when it comes to hair styling, I seem not to take heed to his warnings. It can be good or bad so please if I am in over drive on your wedding day, please be open and tell me off. I like helpful criticisms and that I have found has been the best way to make the bride absolutely satisfied with my work. And especially do so at the trials. 
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The detail of the wedding hairstyle that is demanded on the wedding day is sometimes dictated to us by the dress and the rest of the other accessories that the bride will have chosen for her wedding day. However, this said, it is not unusual for a bride to wear her hair in understated way so as not to look like she has tried too much with everything. Wear the hairstyle. Do not allow yourself to feel like the style has taken away who you are. Don`t forget why he will have fallen for you in the first place especially if it was something to do with how your hair looked at the time when he first saw you!

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Of course if your hair was a real mess and you looked like you had just been electrocuted when he saw you, please do not ask me to do that same look as I will probably won`t want to put my name on that messy style. Hmm, on second thoughts, I can do it but bear in mind that I want to be proud of my work too. The truth is on the wedding day, there is so much adrenaline flowing through my brains that sometimes it is hard to keep the conversation going without getting lost into what I am doing.
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I sometimes forget that I have a client having their hair styled for the wedding day and she is sitting in the hot chair! I do love the excitement of the wedding day and it is a great feeling to be part of it all. Occasionally, it is hard to stop the tears of laughter and when that happens, at the end of it all, stroking my sore ribcage, I have the full smile of satisfaction on my face while driving back home. So please do come to see me with a light heart and we can have some good times I hope.
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All in all, choose a bridal hairstylist that you think will best suit your individual style and needs and one whom you think will make you feel at ease with yourself. Have fun googling for one.

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