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Worried about fitting in with the rest of the wedding trends? Are you stressed because who you are is not what others expect to see on your wedding day? What of the parents, are they dictating to you how you should have everything planned out? The list goes on and on. May be you have reached breaking point stress wise as regards your wedding planning. Wouldn’t you like to take control of the one thing that identifies you as an individual and choose your own wedding and bridal hairstyle? Why wouldn’t you when it is a fact that your hair belongs to none other than yourself and it is part of what defines you as an individual.

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Now think of this: “If you were to lose some of your precious hair strands while away on holiday and for some really crazy reason you commissioned some crazy enough DNA specialist to search and identify your hair strands from among other fallen mixed hair strands found anywhere else on this earth, those specific strands would be traced right back to you and you alone! Yes you! That is if the DNA specialist was lucky enough to find the right strands of hair!” You wouldn’t do that of course but as crazy as it may sound, your hair strands if found anywhere else and by DNA specialists interested in those strands of hair, they would trace those exact strands of hair back to you! Crazy??

So why not take control of how you wear your hair precious hair locks and of all days on your wedding day? So often I have brides who are under pressure to be or look like someone else. Sometimes the pressure comes from family when they want to see you as they would have seen themselves ages ago and they want to relive that dream but this is your wedding day, It is your hair and you decide how you want to wear it.


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And if it were a fact that you don’t know how you could wear it, then it is understandable for you to seek the advice of the hair experts. Their experience will guide you into finding what suits you best and according to your own needs! Never underestimate the visual talents of the hair experts and professional wedding hairstylists when it comes to styling you perfect for your wedding day. Good luck on your journey to finding the perfect wedding hair style for you on your wedding day. Special thanks to Sarah who has contributed to this blog through her wonderful images.

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