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About Sheena

Want to know about me? Well I think you might regret it! Read on! Read on! And let me bore you death!
My journey with hair began when I was a bridesmaid many years ago. Then I was just a young girl with no voice to say what I really wanted and I was forced to have whatever style the bride wanted. The style was so tight and painful that I hardly smiled through the day. I know that most times, most of us have to follow suit what the brides requirements are but I was only little and it would have been nice if I had had a choice to choose want I wanted. That experience really changed my attitude towards hair styling.
I understand that being born with very kinky, knotty and unruly hair meant that it was always going to be difficult for anyone to style my hair but that has been a hidden blessing for me over the years in this job. Of course, I won`t be styling your hair like mine unless you asked me to do so but I doubt that that will be the case unless you have hair like mine by nature.

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First Impressions:
When you see me, first impressions might be thrown out of the window so be warned. I like to feel free. I will choose something that feels good and comfortable on me over something that is super pretty and uncomfortable and painful. I am not a polished person and don`t often wear make-up and occasionally might treat myself to a nail polish and that`s about it. Do not expect to see me wearing stilettos, suits/jackets, ties/mini -skirts or hot shorts/pants. I would struggle to fit in those anyway. Not that I am thinking you would expect me to turn up in hot shorts on your wedding day but anyway it`s worth mentioning especially if your intention is to choose a hairdresser whowould suit into your dress code for the day. What am I like? I will let you make a conclusion when you see meet me in person.

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My level of experience:
Often people ask me questions like "So where did you do your training? How much experience do you have and do you have anything to show your level of achievements? and so the list goes on" To shade a light on such questions, I must say that if you are expecting my answer to be "I was trained in London by one of the best known universities and have worked in outstanding high end salons", I would be telling a lie. And further still, if you are looking for someone with a portfolio of celebrities and awards under their styling belt then you will be truly disappointed with me. I have not worked in famous salons or won any awards at all and I certainly have not styled any celebrities and I doubt I will be styling any in the future either unless they looked upon me with pure and simple kindness. Every one you see here on my website is my celebrity in my hair world.
I trained for Afro hair and hair extensions back home. Home is somewhere in Africa. I then moved to Japan where I specialised in hair extensions. To be able to handle European hair, I trained for European general hairdressing NVQ level 2 after arrival here in Cheltenham at Gloscat. I hated perms and the idea of these always made me break out in a cold sweat so I could not wait to drop that and I would not say that I was excellent at colouring. I really loved hair cutting and styling but my true passion was and still is styling long hair and creating beautiful hair styles. If you are not asking me to perm your hair, you and I will get along very well.

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In Summary:
I have been told that the quality of my work here is great but I will let you be the judge. I think that generally speaking, I am a relaxed person. Now I also think I should stop this drowsy stuff about me otherwise I might get off the track and start telling you all about village life back home! I can be too much of a chatter box on certain occasions. Seriously though, I do provide an excellent hair styling service( if you allow me to be cheeky!) There will be a thorough consultation and a trial session when we meet. And from the time of our meeting and the days and leading up to the wedding day I will be offering you advice and guidance all the way through out. At any point between our meeting and your wedding day, should you feel the need to have a second or third trial then please dont hesitate to mention that as this too can be done accordingly to iron out any imperfection wthin your chosen wedding or bridal hair style. And on your wedding day, I will provide a relaxed styling service to you and coordinate with your chosen make-up artist for a smooth morning.

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My service focuses on what you want to achieve for your day and I will be ready to listen to your requirements when we meet.
If however this thought freaks you out, then I am also able to take things completely into my own hands and guide your in finalisng your wedding hair vision-though the final decsion is yours to make. And Oh, one last thing, I hope to see you if you like my personality, if you are interested in my services and if you are most of all like what you see here on the whole of this website. I promise not to talk too much about myself when I meet you. That is if you have decided you want to meet me after all this rubbish talk!! Hehehehe! SO much rubbish about me! Anyway, thanks for the visit and sorry about my spelling mistakes. if you have seen any. I am a terrible writer and hopeless at grammer and hideously useless when it comes to computer stuff! Thanks for the read, take care for now xxx Sheena. 

p.s Enjoy the GALLERY and any questions dont hesitate to get in touch. CONTACT SHEENA

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