Bridal Hairstyling

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It is about how you feel that is most important to me and not how I feel. The bridal hairstyles that we create together should give you a great feeling of beauty, calmness, satisfaction and relaxation before your journey to the aisle. To offer you an insight into some points that you may want to think about before we meet for your wedding hair consultation and trial, please read on below.

Your regular hairdresser could be great with cutting and colouring but he/she may not be particularly good with bridal hair styling. If you choose a specialist in this section, the risk of a disappointment will be low. Think of how formal your wedding is. Be realistic in your decision and find out now what you hate about your hair and what you would not like to see on yourself. I welcome constructive criticism. That is how I have come to perfect what I do and if you are a perfectionist, well, I am one of those myself so be reassured. Do you want a style done just as you do it yourself at home? Would it hurt to let the experts take the pressure of that off you for the one special day that is different form all other days? I would like to think that you would prefer expert to take the stress off hair wise. What about finishing touches to your final bridal hairstyle? What will be the focus of the day? The groom will be the one holding his breathe while you walk down the aisle. Do not forget what he likes. There is of course plenty more but we can discuss the details when I see you.


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