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Because you are the bride to be, the focus will mainly be on you and so you will have my full attention. But why not let your bridesmaids shine just a little by treating them to a nice hairstyle too?  The styling should be good enough to compliment your bridal style. On my part, I can fit in as many as 8 bridesmaids on your wedding day plus I will not need to see your bridesmaids for a hair trial unless they are fussier than yourself.

Reassuring the bridesmaids

If however you have a bridesmaid who has very difficult and unrully hair, or one who is very nervous about going to hairdressers, it may be a good idea to book them in for a trial too so that they can relax on the day. Having been a bridesmaid myself many years ago and forced to have style that I hated, I wont give up easily on them. credit: Tentwentyone

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Minimum booking.

The minimum number of bridesmaids only(in cases where the bride wont require hair styling) is 5 bridesmaids. The maximum is 10. For large group bookings, a discount(package quote) will be given especially if the booking includes hair accessories for them. Also a discount will be given in cases where the bride would like to book in herself as well for a bridal hair styling or hair accessory appointment. Note that for an appointment that will include the bride, maximum number is 7 people. Please see the price list.


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Large group bookings.

For very large group bookings of 10 or more people, I would be happy to work alongside you chosen hair dresser who would be styling other bridal party members for you on the day. If this will be the case please let me know more details on contact.

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Mums and Guests

I do offer wedding styling for mums and guests. However, I don’t offer proper blow dry appointments. The styling is successful without the need for a proper blowdry as you can see in the images here. In cases where mums and other guests will require a trial before hand just let me know. Send Sheena your enquiry.

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