Sheenas-wedding-Hairstyles-Lower-Slaughter-manor-wedding-hairstylist-Image by Nicola and Glen photography

Image credits: Nicola and Glen photography

All the hairstyles shown in the images on this website are by me-Sheena. Often people ask me whether what you see here is all my work. The answer is yes , all hairstyles shown on this whole website is my work and they are images of real brides/clients and not photo shoots.

I am proud of each one of them and I thank the various photographers and brides that have allowed me to use their images to show my work. I hope you will enjoy the galleries below. Please click on the links to view the images on the specific pages.Thank you very much for visiting and I shall hope to hear from you. Thanks, Sheena.

Wedding-hairstyle-by-sheenasweddinghairstyles-Uk-image by Albert Palmer photography

Wedding Hairstyling

image credit: Albert Palmer photography

Vintage-wedding-hair-style by sheenasweddinghairstyles-Uk-image by Millie Benbow photography

Vintage Hairstyling

image credit: Millie Benbow photography

Vintage-traditional by Jade Diurno photography

image credit: Jade Diurno photography

wedding-hairstyle by sheenasweddinghairstyles-image by lifelinephotography

image credit: Lifeline photography

Bridal hairstyle-by-sheenasweddinghairstyles-uk-image by Rick Pennington Photography


image credit:Rick Pennington Photography

Hair by sheenasweddinghairstyles-Uk-image by Kevin Belson photography

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image credit: Kevin Belson photography