Terms Of Service

Bookings, reservations & balances:
* To make a booking or reserve a date, a deposit is required. This will be taken off your final balance. Balance is payable 2 weeks before the appointment date. I do not hold any dates without a deposit.

Cancellations and refunds:
* There will be a full refund if I cancel your appointment due to some unforeseen personal reasons beyond my control.
* There will be no refund if your appointment is cancelled due to some unforeseen natural disasters beyond your control.
* There will be no refund if you cancel your booking unless I am able to refill the date. In that case, I would let you know if I was able to do that and would then make the refund.
* For cancellations of package bookings, refund is 50%(in cases where the depsoit is 50% of the total package quote)

Price and information on this website:
* I reserve the right to change and update prices and information on this website without prior notice to you. However the quote given to you at the time of your enquiry will be upheld until the end of your appointment.

Recommended friends and other wedding suppliers:

* Out of courtesy, I may be able to recommend to you other wedding professionals that I have worked with in the past and in my view their work is excellent. However please note that I do not take responsibility of any failures on their part to fulfill your expectations.

Your agreement with me:

  • When you decide to proceed with the booking you agree to the above terms and conditions. I promise to provide the best possible service.
  • Once you have paid a deposit, I will turn away any possible enquiries for the date that you will have requested. Therefore if you decide at any point to cancel, I would be grateful if you let me know as much in advance as possible.

Thank you very much for your kindness.
Image above by Adam Drake

Occasion Earrings by Sheena- See more information on my online shop

  • Occasion-peony pink+rose gold earrings-3.jpg
  • Occasion-bridal-earrings with swarovski crystal+sterling silver-18
  • Occasion-bridal-earrings with swarovski crystal+sterling silver-11
  • Occasion-bridal-wedding-earrings with 14K gold & pearls-3
  • Occasion-bridal-wedding-pearl earrings with rose gold-4
  • Occasion-wedding-swarovski crystal+sterling silver earrings-5
  • Occasion-bridal-pearl drop earrings with sterling silver-2
  • Occasion-rose gold pearl earrings-2

    Images below by Aaron Storry