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Sharing the love of hair styling with you.

It`s a pleasure to be able to share some of the hair styles that I have done over the many years here with you. I hope that you will be able to enjoy them as much as I have nejoyed creating them. Should you have any querries on how I can help you on your wedding day, please dont hesitate to get in touch.

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Have you been recommended to me?

Please do read about me as an individual and as a hairdresser and get to know me and how I work so that you are not disappointed. Every wedding hairdresser out there is different. Those that will have recommended me will have done so just out of pure kindness. However, I do love my work and I stand by the quality of my service and if you scroll through this website, you will be able to conclude quite easily on whether I am the right person for your day. 

About the styling service that I offer.

I offer a very relaxed wedding and bridal styling service where I allow everyone to be themselves and so I emphasise that within the service that I offer. This is visible all over this site. Most hair styles are very natural, soft and unforced. I work closely with the natural thickness/thiness of the clients hair. Obviously, I work closely with the requests of the client. Should you request for specific look that can only be worn on the catwalk,or by celebrities, that is also possible. The sky is the limit!


What you see here is a small portion of what can be achieved. I have countless images of my work both here on this website and at home. I am hoping that what you have seen here is enough to reassure you and give you confidence in me as a hair stylist for your wedding day. I will of course do my very best for you and will go the extra mile to make sure all is as you expect but it is important to note that while most things are possible hair wise, we both have to be honest and realistic with each other in our goals for your day. If you have any doubts about my work, please just let me know your concerns via email and I will be only happy to see if I can help wherever possible.

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Please send me your enquiry with as much detail as possible and I will get back to you as soon as possible. If after 48 hours you dont hear from me, please do text me just in case I never recieved your message. Thanks alot.

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