Wedding Hairstyling

image credits: Albert Palmer photography

You don`t have to have a typical bridal style for your day. It could be anything as long as it shows your personality. I have had requests for styles that are "non-weddingy" and "non-bridal" You can be free and have any non-styled hairstyle that is untamed or as messy as you want it. I often have brides ask me to give them the “bed-look” hairstyle! I am okay with anything that challenges my creativity. At consultation just let me know your thoughts.

I have met so many clients who have been apprehensive about hair styling and really, it should not be a traumatising experience that will leave you hating or fearing your hairdresser. Understanding your needs and insecurities if you have any is something that I take very seriously. I have been there myself and the fact that I am very particular about my hair myself has helped me understand that point. My job is to help you. So I will go out of my way to make sure your experience is a comfortable and enjoyable one.


Image credits: Studio 3 photography

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Bridal_Wedding_Hairstyles_by-Sheenasweddinghairstyles-UK-image by Vogue wedding Films