The headpiece that left a mark on my work

Purple wedding and bridal dress worn by the bride at Sudely castle in Winchcombe UK. Hair styled by

I am a bridal hair stylist by profession. In my many years of doing that job which I love a lot, on one magnificent day, I met Tori and I had the pleasure of styling her hair for her wedding. Back then in my experience most brides who came to me were not brave enough to wear bright and unusual colours for their day let alone unusual headpieces that stood out from a distance. But she was different. She wore a deep purple dress which to this day, I have never seen anywhere else on anyone else. And with it an amazing headpiece which then was well out of the norm and statement headpiece. I was totally transfixed by its beauty.... the un polished and rustic silver leaves and purple beads... and the subtle shimmering shades of purple within the beads themselves got me totally Transfixed. It was rustic, crazy but cool at the same time. I was totally in love with it. In love with her dress and her colour theme.

My relationship with hair and headpieces changed that day.  It opened up a desire to create beautiful headpieces to compliment my hairstyling work. And so, I began my unwavering journey of discovering to use intense rich colours in my headpieces. I didn’t have to restrict myself to stay within the boundaries of what is considered bridal. I started being true to myself and started defining my work with the use of bright, rich and striking colours to produce unusual headpieces. I was hooked and never regretted taking the path that I took then. To this day, every time I design a headpiece, there is a part of me that remembers how I felt when I first saw and held Tori`s headpiece in my hand for the first time... mesmerised!

image by Steve Gerrad photography
Gothick purple headpiece

For the love of vibrant colours and unusual shapes!




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