Terms and Conditions

There is £50 non-refundable deposit required to confirm the booking of that specific appointment requested. I accept cancellations at any time.

Price and information on this website:
I reserve the right to change and update prices and information on this website without prior notice to you. However, the quote given to you for the services requested at the time of your booking will be upheld until the end of your appointment.
Please note that recommended suppliers via this website are entirely different entities to me so I dont take any resposbilities of any failures on their part to perform their respectice services to you.

Your agreement with me:
Once a deposit is paid and received, you agree to the above terms and conditions. I will turn away any possible enquiries for the date that you will have booked. Should wish to cancel your booking at any point I would be grateful if you let me know as much in advance as possible. If for any unfortunate reason I am forced to cancel your appointment I would let you know in advance and make a refund to you where applicable. Thanks, Sheena.

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