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  1. Cheltenham bridal hair stylist-Cotswolds-UK
    Hi every one, I am on holiday at the moment but I will just take this moment to send you a special message. HAPPY NEW 2018!!! Happy new year to all of my brides who got married in 2017 and the past years as well those to be married in 2018! A colourful, wonderful and happy sunny year with lots of good tidings to all of my fans and well-wishers out there and those whose hair I have styled in previous years. 

    I would also like to take this moment to say a special thanks to all the brides who booked me last year and those who have already booked me for 2018 and 2019! THANK YOU ALL for your support. That support is what has kept me on my toes and will keep me going this year. With a huge and warm heart, I would like to share some lovely cards from some of my brides. Reading them gives me great joy and brings back the memories of their special wedding days. They are such a treat for the days ahead. 

    If you are looking for a wedding or bridal hair stylist in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire or the Cotswolds, thanks for the visit and enjoy the read. I shall hope to hear from you. Kind Regards, Sheena.
    Cheltenham bridal hair stylist
    Chelteham bridal hair stylist-Gloucestershire
    Bridal hairdresser Cheltenham
    Bridal hairstylist UK
    Bridal hair stylist Northleach-Cotswolds
    Cheltenham bridal hairstylist
    Cotswold bridal hair stylist-2018
    Cheltenham bridal hairdresser
    Gloucestershire bridal hair stylist
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  2. Rosea-delicate bridal hair accessory-NMY1
    Naomi, my beautiful bride got married a few days ago at the incredibly grand Elmore Court in Gloucestershire. It is always a great sight of the house passing through the gates leading to the house and it makes me feel like I am stepping into a film setting (I like dreaming). Anyway, back to reality, it was an early start but the morning was a very beautiful one with lots of sunshine and warm air. It was probably too warm for a November morning.

    Naomi`s day was blessed with good weather and the fact that my bride was relaxed made the day feel like I wasn’t at work! Time went by slowly and the hair styling was very relaxing in a lot of ways. I even got time at the end to take this image here above something that does not happen very often. I hadn`t seen Emily for a while but today she was on make-up while I was on hair duties.

    I am very happy to mention that Naomi my bride wore one of my delicately handmade hair accessories. It looked so pretty in her hair. I can`t wait to see the professional images from James Fear whom I also hadn’t seen for while was on photographic duties. Keep your eyes peeled and if you like the hair accessory above get in touch!

    Katy-bridal-hair-accessory-by-Beady Bride-UK (3)
    I will confess that for a long time, I have not been able to get used to using social media. I find it very time-consuming and honestly very confusing. Forgive me but I come from a tiny African village where we don't even have running water nor electricity yet so for me on a personaly level, all things social media are quite a handful. I am trying to find an excuse I know but I have to get that out here now as many of my fans often ask me if I am on face book or twitter. When I have replied, "no" it`s been on a low scale I think a disappointmnent to some. I must say that I have tried both twitter and face book and not lasted long on them. I have a google plus account but find it hard to keep updating information on there as often as I should really. I have a pinterest board which I find a lot easier to use than anyother platform but it`s still time consuming. You could say what is more time consuming than mak ing these hair accessories with minute beads all with the hands? Well, I find making these hair accessories very relaxing and so its a hobby of mine where as social media tresses me out but I suppose that`s tough right? 
    Anna-bridal-hair-vine-by-Beady Bride-UK (1)

    My problem you see, I have patience with alot of things in general but when it comes to socail media,I am hopeless and also clueless. And now, after so much wrestling with myself and advice from my brides,friends and welwishers, I have managed to open an instagram account with the help of some really kind people! Honestly, I have been for many years wrestling with the thought of being on socail media and find the actual thought itself quite stressful so having said all that, I must congratulate mysef on finally having and instagram account! God knows how long it will take me to master it and how long I will hold out on it, but I hope with more support from you if you are reading this and wanting to support me I should be okay??????
    Leena-bridal-tiara-by-Beady Bride-UK (4)

    I am SO behind in all this technology around me! I dont know how on earth I have manage to make and maintain my hairstyling and hair accessory websites! I will definitely need your luck wishes on this new venture- and I wil catch up at some point I hope.
    Anyway, if you would like to offer a hand in support me, my profile is on the link please follow me on it.On your visit to there you will find not much activity on there yet as I m still learning how this works but bear with me. I shall aim to improve slowly with time.  
    Absolute Sunshine-bridal hair accessory by Beady Bride-UK (16)

    I hope that this will show case my beautiful and intricate bridal hair accessories that I meticulouly hand make for my brides. Let me know what you think. Your feed back is very important to me.
    Thanks for the support.

  4. Little sprig-bridal-hair-pin-by-Beady Bride-UK (5)
    These pretty hair pins come in a set of 3 hair pin accessories. I recommend these as an addition to any bridal style that is delicate and requiring not much added to it. They are very small but will be enough for anybride wanting a subtle overall effect. I absolutely Love these hair pins myself and if I was to choose anything for myself as a bride, these ones would be among my favourites within the collection. I made these hair pins with the tiniest fresh water pearls and clear sparkling crystals. They are by far the most popular among most of the accessories that I have made so far. I am in love with these and I and I hope you like them too.They are available for purchase via my hair accessory website Find out more about this hair accessory

    Little sprig-bridal-hair-pin-by-Beady Bride-UK (4)

    Little sprig-bridal-hair-pin-by-Beady Bride-UK (7)

    Little sprig-bridal-hair-pin-by-Beady Bride-UK (3)

    Little sprig-bridal-hair-pin-by-Beady Bride-UK (1)