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    On this one occasion, my bride Jemma was a recommended to me by Clare Bryce. She most certainly and kindly recommends me more than I deserve and for that I am very thankful. I have worked with Clare on so many occasions and I have so many great works from those weddings with her and it is difficult to pin down my favourite but let me share this specific one with you.  

    Jemma contacted me well in advance and she had 6 bridesmaids all of whom needed hairstyling but I was not going to be able to meet before the wedding day. We kept in touch mostly by email through which we organised different wedding hair ideas to suit the individual so as to make sure all were happy with the styles. Again, as is always the case this was a very early start for all the girls. But they were all ready for me when I arrived. Jemma was so organised with the times schedule that I didn’t worry about time at all. Gemma`s wedding style was naturally simple and relaxed. That shone through even with the hairstyles that she and the girls chose.
    “I want to be me”. She had said when I first met her. Knowing that whatever I did was still going to have to fall back on that request, we stuck to the simplest form of hairdressing that one can have for a wedding day. Throughout the hairstyling, I kept in mind what each girls hair texture was like and what their fears wear regarding hairstyling. We all have those fears don’t we? Because I have been there and I too have my own fears when it comes to hairdressers, I could relate to some of the girls requests. All hairstyling was done according to the persons specific requests and all went perfectly well. Jemma`s bridesmaids were a real treat on the day. There was so much fun with the girls right from the start. And on especially this occasion, she was so happy no one could take the smile off her face. She smiled all morning and from the images, I can see that she smiled all day! Perhaps the only time she looked serious was when I was fixing her veil. I had to ask her to hold the mirror for me so I could see where and how it was going to be fixed. Obediently she concentrated for a good solid 5minutes and probably the only intense 5minutes of the whole morning for us all.And when I was done, Jemma smiled again.

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    Cheltenham-Cotswolds-mobile-wedding-hair-stylist-UK-FLYN (3)
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    On that note, what makes me smile at work? The answer, in my case, has got to be seeing a perfectly happy bride/client after the job is done. I hope that you can see all the above clearly in the images here captured by Caroline Alexander.  Special occasions are never complete without a camera these days. I met Caroline on Jemma`s wedding day. I didn’t talk much to her through the morning as I was consumed by my work but she had something about her that made me feel at ease. She works very quietly and illusively and so calmly too. I think this is the secret of capturing great images….perhaps??? What do I know of photography? Ignore me. Might not know what I am talking about but any way, many days after the wedding, I asked her how she would describe herself as I wanted to blog about this wedding . “How would I describe myself, hmmm.... :)”She answered, “Relaxed, approachable and fun I hope. I like for people to feel they have a friend along with them for the day, someone they can trust and feel comfortable around. My work I think of as being warm, bright and airy. I am a documentary photographer on the whole and prefer to stay back and document what happens with no interference, except for the couple portraits which I also take a relaxed approach to but has some direction. “
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    Cheltenham-Cotswolds-mobile-wedding-hair-stylist-UK-FLYN (2)
    Hair for the girls and Jemma was styled by Makeup was done by Clare Bryce. Special thanks to Jemma and Caroline- allowing me to use these images. I hope that you have enjoyed them. X Sheena.

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    Spring or winter weddings? What is your preference?
    If you asked me, I know I would choose spring without a doubt as I am a very cold blooded person and I think my lips would be too frozen to say my vows if I was to choose a winter wedding. When I go walking in the country side in winter time my body parts especially my lips and hands freeze to the point where It`s difficult to say hello! Weather wise, I am truly not cut out for the cold weather. If I had another choice again, I would choose a summer wedding on a beach somewhere on one of those beautiful dreamy islands like the Seychelles! This is a great honey moon destination rather expensive but one to choose if you are looking for the perfect beach. Shall I dream on? Hm….. Perhaps on another day. I have some work to do.
    This wedding was a spring one. I personally associate spring with warmth and beautiful colours of the first shoots of flowers in the fields. You know, sometimes you can be very well prepared for the weather and then it plays some tricks on you for no reason at all just like that!  The snow had fallen heavily the night before and I was keeping my fingers crossed that the roads were okay. On the morning of the wedding day, there was more snow and was slightly worried about the road conditions. Cheltenham-Northleach-mobile-wedding hairdresser-LREN-0
    Luckily, the roads were still safe and open for use so it was a straight forward drive to the hotel on the morning. Plus I was only driving to Northleach in the Cotswolds so it was an easy road. I arrived really early for the hairstyling and Lorraine and the girls were already up and ready for me. On mornings like this, you want to have a lie in and cuddle up to the warmth of the blankets but no the girls were all up and even though some had flown from abroad, there was no sign of lack of sleep at all on this day, the moments of Lorraine`s special day which I have a pleasure to share here were captured by Stewart here Lorraine and Chris were brave to take some snow images outside! Who says its cold when it snows? Here is a sweet message to me, ”You did an absolutely fabulous job. All the girls commented on how calm and professional you were- not only did you finish ahead of time but everyone loved what you did, it made me really happy. You were a star!”  Thanks Lorraine.

    Here are some images of the hair before we did final checks.
    Cheltenham-Northleach-mobile-wedding hairdresser-LREN-1

    Cheltenham-Northleach-mobile-wedding hairdresser-LREN-2
    Cheltenham-Northleach-mobile-wedding hairdresser-LREN-3
    Images for this blog entry are by the courtesy of Stewart Clark

    Thanks for browsing.
    X Sheena.

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    I want big hair and lots of curls.
    Do you want to wear your hair curly? Why not? Not everyone is impressed with poker straight hair. The most frustrating thing for those with very long and poker straight hair that will not hold any curl or wave to it is the fear of the curls or waves dropping half way through their wedding day. If you have dreamed of having a certain type of curl for your wedding and are terrified that it will not last throughout please speak to your hairdresser to discuss your fears.Their expertise in dealing with this kind of hair will calm you down. Book in a few trials to iron out any imperfections to the style you have in mind. When it comes to curls, there is a whole range of looks to choose from but pinpointing the type will need a collection of images to look at for clarification.
    Quite often, I have brides asking for curls but what they really mean is waves as opposed to curls. With images of what you might like on your mood board, there will be no space for the hairdresser to make any excuses in explaining to you how the final result will look like on you.This was one of my weddings that I had last year. The bride`s instructions to me were, I want big hair and lots of curls. No bride is ever the same as another on this website. That is something, I hope to maintain on this website. We are all different and that is what defines us in our needs too. 

    Cheltenham-mobile-wedding hair dresser-HYLY-image by Alex Beckett photograpCheltenham-mobile-wedding hair dresser-HYLY-image by Alex Beckett photograp
    Cheltenham-mobile-wedding hair dresser-HYLY-image by Alex Beckett photograp

    Cheltenham-mobile-wedding hair dresser-HYLY-image by Alex Beckett photograp
    Cheltenham-mobile-wedding hair dresser-HYLY-5
    Photography by Alex Beckett

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    Right from the beginning I knew this job was right for me and because I love it. L
    oving alone is not enough to get you through. One needs alot of passion and extra effort to walk the extra mile to try to please every one.That is a very hard thing to do! Would you agree? Anyway, I persisted and slowly built up the expertise and trust and I hope that you can tell from the hair results all over this website, its been quite an achievement. Its been a very lond journey but one that has been very fruitfull. To those previous brides who have chosen me for their day,, regular clients, friends, fans and supporters who have been with me through the many years, I say, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Without you I wouldnt not have made it. To those hairstylists out there that find this section of hairdressing quite a bit of a hand full I say, love, persistence and patience has done it for me. I hope that does it for you too. And love what you do. Without that, it will not last.Thanks to all those who have been very kind to recommend me and to you who ir reading this post, hopefuly you will enioy my work here and I hope to hear from you. Image credits: Steve Gerrard Photography


    Gothic wedding- Gloucestershire-hair stylist-TV-201

    Gothic wedding- Gloucestershire-hair stylist-TV-234 (2).22

    gothic-wedding -hairstyle-tv (24).2.2Gothic wedding- Gloucestershire-hair stylist-TV-464.22