Emma`s Wedding At Cripps Barn-Cotswolds-UK

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Cripps-barn-wedding-cotswolds-hair-stylist-EMA 12
Finally, I am back to work! I wish I had more time off but I am really excited bout 2018. To share a starter for the year, here is this beautiful bride and her bridesmaids whose wedding I was lucky enough to be part of. Her wedding was at Cripps Barn-Cotswolds.  The bride`s hair was styled with absolute precision. The vibrant colours of the floral hair accessory were simply the perfect finishing touch to her wedding style.

If you like her style and you are getting married, get in touch. I hope you will enjoy these wonderful images by Sue Ann photography. Sue is amazing at what she does. I shall hope to work with her again and thanks for visiting my website. Sheena.
Cripps-barn-wedding-cotswolds-hair-stylist-EMA 2
Cripps-barn-wedding-cotswolds-hair-stylist-EMA 1
Cripps-barn-wedding-cotswolds-hair-stylist-EMA 4
Cripps-barn-wedding-cotswolds-hair-stylist-EMA 3
Cripps-barn-wedding-cotswolds-hair-stylist-EMA 5
Cripps-barn-wedding-cotswolds-hair-stylist-EMA 6
Cripps-barn-wedding-cotswolds-hair-stylist-EMA 7
Cripps-barn-wedding-cotswolds-hair-stylist-EMA 8
Cripps-barn-wedding-cotswolds-hair-stylist-EMA 9
Cripps-barn-wedding-cotswolds-hair-stylist-EMA 11
Cripps-barn-wedding-cotswolds-hair-stylist-EMA 10
Cripps-barn-wedding-cotswolds-hair-stylist-EMA 12

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