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  1. HNA2-Hair by Sheenas-Wedding-Hairstyles-Image-by-Cat Beardsley
    Three sisters in one family and I have had the pleasure of styling them all on their individual wedding days in different years. The last one to get married was Hannah this year. Her wedding was at Clearwell Castle forest of Dean Gloucestershire. For her hair style, we initially went for a messy up do at the trial but after second thoughts, Hannah decided on a much sleeker style. Hannah had been a bridesmaid for her two sisters on their weddings previously and I had got used to styling all of their hair by then.

    So even with second thoughts about the first hair trial style, I was confident that I would be able to fulfil her wishes without the need for a second trial. On her wedding day, the morning was very calm, relaxed and very much a family affair. Cat was the photographer of the day. I had never met Cat before. I must say that Cat is now on my list of recommended photographers. Her style was unobtrusive which contributed to an even greater calm ambience in the morning and this allowed me to carry on with my work very easily. It was a perfect hair day and I had a very happy bride. I hope you like these beautiful images by Cat Beardsley.
    HNA3-Hair by Sheenas-Wedding-Hairstyles-Image-by-Cat Beardsley
    HNA4-Hair by Sheenas-Wedding-Hairstyles-Image-by-Cat Beardsley
    HNA5-Hair by Sheenas-Wedding-Hairstyles-Image-by-Cat Beardsley
    HNA1-Hair by Sheenas-Wedding-Hairstyles-Image-by-Cat Beardsley
    HNA6-Hair by Sheenas-Wedding-Hairstyles-Image-by-Cat Beardsley
    HNA7-Hair by Sheenas-Wedding-Hairstyles-Image-by-Cat Beardsley
    HNA9-Hair by Sheenas-Wedding-Hairstyles-Image-by-Cat Beardsley

  2. KTFLY 3-Hair by Sheenas-Wedding-Hairstyles-Image-by-Weddings Vintage
    This year, the name Kate has been a popular name among the bridal appointments I have taken. This is another Kate also who was married at Cripps Stone Barn early this year. She too wanted nothing placed. She was a fun of curly hair but still wanted it to look natural. We created her dream style for her wedding day and her make up was done by Emily in compliment to what she wanted. It suited her perfectly. See below the incredible images taken by the lovely Harriet from Weddings Vintage who has been very kind to let me use her images. 

    KTFLY 1-Hair by Sheenas-Wedding-Hairstyles-Image-by-Weddings Vintage
    KTFLY 2-Hair by Sheenas-Wedding-Hairstyles-Image-by-Weddings Vintage
    KTFLY 4-Hair by Sheenas-Wedding-Hairstyles-Image-by-Weddings Vintage
    KTFLY 7-Hair by Sheenas-Wedding-Hairstyles-Image-by-Weddings Vintage
    KTFLY 6-Hair by Sheenas-Wedding-Hairstyles-Image-by-Weddings Vintage

  3. BTNY-4-Hair by Sheena-Image by thehendrys photography
    This year has been an extremely busy one for me. It has been such a rewarding time to have styled the hair for so many beautiful brides. Each one of them in their full glory. Some have been to me before as bridesmaids in previous years and have come back to me as brides this year. Others have come to me through word of mouth and recommendations and others have simply liked what they saw here.
    Afro-hair-bridal-and-wedding-stylist-Gloucestershire-BTNY (1)
    It has been agreat pleasure styling all of them. I cannot add them all here on this one page in one go so I will share with you a few here over the next months. Here is my first one. I loved this very much because she proved that natural afro hair is beautiful and doesn't have to be styled in a plain way. It does not have to be feared and brides with afro hair should not be scared to try something on the extreme end to make a statement for their day. Most Afro brides fear having to show their natural hair off due to weather and this is understandable but with real ability and an open mind,the sky is the limit. On the day that Bethany got married, It rained but this did not faze our resolve to give her something beautiful. Loved it. The beautiful images were taken by thehendrys. You can see more about this wedding on the hendrys blog
    BTNY-6-Hair by Sheenas-Image by thehendrys photography

  4. Cotswold-Wedding-Hairstylist-KTWLM-0

    I Have not posted for a while as its been a pretty hectic wedding season for me this year. Unusually very busy! Mind you, I am not complaining at all. As I am nearing my holiday dates which I am looking forwards to I just want to get back on track at least for now before I get off again. I would like to share with you this beautiful style with you. Kate my bride who got married early this year at Cripps Stone Barn contacted me with this lovely email.
    “Hi Sheena,
    Your website stood out to me as the only one I could find with examples of lovely soft, natural up styles - I don't like anything too sleek or sprayed into place! I have quite a lot of straight hair….”

    It was a great pleasure to be able to give her the dream style in her mind for her day. Her make-up was done by Emily Tarrant.
    See below the incredible images taken by the lovely Harriet from Weddings Vintage who has been very kind to let me use her images. This wasn’t the first time I had worked with Harriet and her work speaks for itself. I will certainly be spreading the message. I absolutely love them. Huge thanks to both ladies for sharing.

  5. Hollywood-vintage-bridal-hairstyle-UK-Magri 1.1
    Since I am having this wonderful afternoon off, I thought I would catch up with you all. At Cripps Barn in the Cotswolds this year, I had the pleasure of styling this beautiful bride who wanted to have the full glamour of the red carpet.

    Obviously, pleased with the hair results. Beautiful Images by the courtesy of Gemma Williams photography. All make up by the talented Emily Tarrant. Enjoy browsing and hope to hear from you soon. Regards, Sheena.
    Hollywood-vintage-bridal-hairstyle-UK-Magri 1.4.1
    Hollywood-vintage-bridal-hairstyle-UK-Magri 1.5
    Hollywood-vintage-bridal-hairstyle-UK-Magri 1.2
    Hollywood-vintage-bridal-hairstyle-UK-Magri 1.3
    Hollywood-vintage-bridal-hairstyle-UK-Magri 1.8
    Hollywood-vintage-bridal-hairstyle-UK-Magri 1.3.1
    Hollywood-vintage-bridal-hairstyle-UK-Magri 1.4.0
    Hollywood-vintage-bridal-hairstyle-UK-Magri 1.6
    Hollywood-vintage-bridal-hairstyle-UK-Magri 1.9