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  1. Camilla`s wedding in Cotswolds -Cheltenham -Gloucestershire.

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    Wedding-Hair-stylist-Gloucestershire-UK-2018-KML 2

    I am hoping that you are all well and enjoying this heat wave. Until now, I didn’t know there was such a thing as heat wave in England! May be now with these recent temperatures I should really believe that yes England too can have a heat wave! I have just got back from a wedding this afternoon and I was sweating like a pig. Not that I have ever seen a sweaty pig but that is one of the expressions that I have picked up since I have been I England. Anyway, I am really behind in updating you on my wedding hairstyle blog. Needless to say time is very limited. But, I have 2 hours to rest this afternoon.  Even though I will need as much time as possible for the much needed rest, I am going to share these two wonderful weddings for now. I say for now because I have many more to share but will only mange 2 for now until may be in the winter when I expect to have a longer break!  So I hope you like these. One is from last year and another from this year. Below is the first

    Camilla`s wedding at Cripps barn wedding-Cotswolds last year.
    Wedding-Hair-stylist-Gloucestershire-UK-2018-KML 3
     Having Camilla and her bridesmaids was such a treat. Do you know, I am so lucky that generally speaking, most of the brides to be that chose to have me for their wedding day are really genuinely very nice people.  On Camilla`s wedding day( September last year), the atmosphere was so relaxed time passed by as if in a dream and Anna  the photographer being relaxed herself added to the vibe of the day. It was the first time I had worked with Anna and she is really good at what she does. You won`t notice her as she snaps away. I was of course on call for hair and Emily on call for make-up. Emily as usual did a great job . I think it was great team work on the day and very thing went smoothly. I will let the wonderful images form Anna showing our work speak for themselves. The wedding was blogged on Whimsical wonderland weddings. Please click on the link to view some highlights of Camilla`s day where you can see some more hair and make-up shots.
     Wedding-Hair-stylist-Gloucestershire-UK-2018-KML 1.0
    Below is a wonderful message from Camilla
    “ Hi Sheena
    Thank you so much! My hair was amazing, I absolutely loved it! I don't know what I would have done without you. The girls also looked incredible and we all had so many lovely comments all day. I was singing your praises to everyone! You are so very talented :D 
    By the end of the night we were all a little worse for wear but somehow our hair (and makeup) looked like they had just been done... I don't know how you and Emily did it! It was such a perfect day from start to finish, I'm still buzzing! Thank you so much for helping to make it so wonderful!
    Thank you again! Camilla xx”
    Wedding-Hair-stylist-Gloucestershire-UK-2018-KML 1.1

    Thank you very much for taking your time to read my blog.
  2. Emma`s wedding at Cripps barn-Cotswolds-UK

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    Cripps-barn-wedding-cotswolds-hair-stylist-EMA 12
    Finally, I am back to work! I wish I had more time off but I am really excited bout 2018. To share a starter for the year, here is this beautiful bride and her bridesmaids whose wedding I was lucky enough to be part of. Her wedding was at Cripps Barn-Cotswolds.  The bride`s hair was styled with absolute precision. The vibrant colours of the floral hair accessory were simply the perfect finishing touch to her wedding style.

    If you like her style and you are getting married, get in touch. I hope you will enjoy these wonderful images by Sue Ann photography. Sue is amazing at what she does. I shall hope to work with her again and thanks for visiting my website. Sheena.
    Cripps-barn-wedding-cotswolds-hair-stylist-EMA 2
    Cripps-barn-wedding-cotswolds-hair-stylist-EMA 1
    Cripps-barn-wedding-cotswolds-hair-stylist-EMA 4
    Cripps-barn-wedding-cotswolds-hair-stylist-EMA 3
    Cripps-barn-wedding-cotswolds-hair-stylist-EMA 5
    Cripps-barn-wedding-cotswolds-hair-stylist-EMA 6
    Cripps-barn-wedding-cotswolds-hair-stylist-EMA 7
    Cripps-barn-wedding-cotswolds-hair-stylist-EMA 8
    Cripps-barn-wedding-cotswolds-hair-stylist-EMA 9
    Cripps-barn-wedding-cotswolds-hair-stylist-EMA 11
    Cripps-barn-wedding-cotswolds-hair-stylist-EMA 10
    Cripps-barn-wedding-cotswolds-hair-stylist-EMA 12

  3. Charlotte`s wedding at Stone Barn wedding venue- Cotswolds-UK

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    CHLT9-Hair by Sheenas-Wedding-Hairstyles-Image-by-Mustard Yellow Photograph
    Charlotte was looking for something quite elegant and yet relaxed. Her dress was absolutely beautiful. It suited her so perfectly that the hairstyle really was just complimentary to the whole look. The flowers were added to give the hair a country vibe and I must say the morning was a huge success. For the girls, they wore floral summer dresses and she wanted them to be relaxed with their hairstyling too. Each bridesmaid was allowed to chose whatever tstyle they wanted to have. What a treat! She got married at the Stone barn in the Cotswolds which is a great wedding venue too. Charlotte has kindly shared these images below with me and they appear here because of the courtesy of Yellow Mustard Photography, charlottes wedding day photographer.

    CHLT2-Hair by Sheenas-Wedding-Hairstyles-Image-by-Mustard Yellow PhotographCHLT8-Hair by Sheenas-Wedding-Hairstyles-Image-by-Mustard Yellow PhotographCHLT5-Hair by Sheenas-Wedding-Hairstyles-Image-by-Mustard Yellow PhotographCHLT4-Hair by Sheenas-Wedding-Hairstyles-Image-by-Mustard Yellow PhotographCHLT7-Hair by Sheenas-Wedding-Hairstyles-Image-by-Mustard Yellow Photograph

  4. An Entry on Love My Dress

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    Bethany love my dress.1-hair by sheenasweddinghairstyles-image by the hendr
    Hi Ladies,

    It`s been a while. I hope you had a great start to the new year. 2016 was an amazing year for me. Huge thanks to all my brides for their relentless support. The year was a smooth one and such a success with mentions on some cool blogger pages too! Chuffed. Here is one of my brides on Love my dress blog.

    If you like what you see here, please get in touch thanks.

    Image in the screen shot is by the

  5. Kate`s Wedding at Cripps Stone Barn in the Cotswolds.

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    KTFLY 3-Hair by Sheenas-Wedding-Hairstyles-Image-by-Weddings Vintage
    This year, the name Kate has been a popular name among the bridal appointments I have taken. This is another Kate also who was married at Cripps Stone Barn early this year. She too wanted nothing placed. She was a fun of curly hair but still wanted it to look natural. We created her dream style for her wedding day and her make up was done by Emily in compliment to what she wanted. It suited her perfectly. See below the incredible images taken by the lovely Harriet from Weddings Vintage who has been very kind to let me use her images. 

    KTFLY 1-Hair by Sheenas-Wedding-Hairstyles-Image-by-Weddings Vintage
    KTFLY 2-Hair by Sheenas-Wedding-Hairstyles-Image-by-Weddings Vintage
    KTFLY 4-Hair by Sheenas-Wedding-Hairstyles-Image-by-Weddings Vintage
    KTFLY 7-Hair by Sheenas-Wedding-Hairstyles-Image-by-Weddings Vintage
    KTFLY 6-Hair by Sheenas-Wedding-Hairstyles-Image-by-Weddings Vintage