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  1. Colourful occasion head pieces and wedding hair accessories.

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    Bespoke wedding hair peices and bridal wedding hair accessories-UK-SFYA-0
    I haven’t blogged for ages because it`s been a bit manic and so haven’t had the time to blog away. Anyway, very quickly, I would like to introduce you to Signature head piece collection which is an exclusive range of colourful bespoke accessories that you will truly cherish for a long time after your wedding as they can b worn on any other special occasion. I won`t bore you with too much information for now as I can explain better in person should you be interested so please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Enjoy the images below and in meantime keep your eyes open for professional images of theses types of hair accessories on some of my brides. For more information please get in touch.
    Bespoke wedding hair peices and bridal wedding hair accessories-UK-SFYA-1

  2. Amber`s Wedding at Hyde Barn wedding venue in Stow on the wold-Cotswolds.

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    Wedding hair stylist Stow on the wold-Cotswolds-UK-Amba-1.2
    Here is the second update.
    I saw Amber for her trial which was pretty straight forward.That said, we did have to choose from a few options of the how curly/wavy we should go. Amber`s hair is naturally wavy and in an untamed state, it is a perfect bohemian wave. I loved her natural hair wave. I wish I had that kind of wave to my hair. You see, like most people (those I have met) I too desire to have beautiful hair like Ambers!  I was trying to sell her the idea that her natural wave was really pretty if tamed would look fab too and she wasn’t convinced and so was not having any of that. 
    In my image of her trial below, her hair was styled in two different ways.  You can see that the hair on the right hand side is different to the hair on the left hand side. Amber thought both of these were not what she had in mind as she preferred a much smoother and straighter GHD Curl which we did and she was perfectly happy.
    Wedding hair stylist Stow on the wold-Cotswolds-UK-Amba-1.2.2
    On her wedding day, Amber was absolutely chilled even though on the morning we had both rushed through the Cheltenham morning traffic to try and get to the venue on time! The 9:00 am start was really a late morning for me. So I had an unusual lie in bed as well as a cup of tea and toast before starting the day! I normally don’t manage that as generally speaking I have to wake up at 4/5 am to be have an early start of either 5:00am or 6:00am on a normal wedding day!!! So having a 9:00 am start was pretty late and bliss for me. The day was a beautiful sunny day and I couldn’t haves asked for better weather for Amber`s hair down style. The whole hair styling session for her and for her and her bridesmaids was a success and all their hair was styled to suit them.Wedding hair stylist Stow on the wold-Cotswolds-UK-Amba-1.2

    The professional image above of Amber was taken by Robin Jones from Capturing Adventure -
    A while later she sent me a message
     “Hi Sheena 
    Thank you so so much for all of your hard work. I couldn't have been happier with how everyone's hair looked and you are such a lovely person too. I've attached a picture for you. I love it. :) Thank you!! :D”
  3. Emma`s wedding at Cripps barn-Cotswolds-UK

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    Cripps-barn-wedding-cotswolds-hair-stylist-EMA 12
    Finally, I am back to work! I wish I had more time off but I am really excited bout 2018. To share a starter for the year, here is this beautiful bride and her bridesmaids whose wedding I was lucky enough to be part of. Her wedding was at Cripps Barn-Cotswolds.  The bride`s hair was styled with absolute precision. The vibrant colours of the floral hair accessory were simply the perfect finishing touch to her wedding style.

    If you like her style and you are getting married, get in touch. I hope you will enjoy these wonderful images by Sue Ann photography. Sue is amazing at what she does. I shall hope to work with her again and thanks for visiting my website. Sheena.
    Cripps-barn-wedding-cotswolds-hair-stylist-EMA 2
    Cripps-barn-wedding-cotswolds-hair-stylist-EMA 1
    Cripps-barn-wedding-cotswolds-hair-stylist-EMA 4
    Cripps-barn-wedding-cotswolds-hair-stylist-EMA 3
    Cripps-barn-wedding-cotswolds-hair-stylist-EMA 5
    Cripps-barn-wedding-cotswolds-hair-stylist-EMA 6
    Cripps-barn-wedding-cotswolds-hair-stylist-EMA 7
    Cripps-barn-wedding-cotswolds-hair-stylist-EMA 8
    Cripps-barn-wedding-cotswolds-hair-stylist-EMA 9
    Cripps-barn-wedding-cotswolds-hair-stylist-EMA 11
    Cripps-barn-wedding-cotswolds-hair-stylist-EMA 10
    Cripps-barn-wedding-cotswolds-hair-stylist-EMA 12

  4. Elmore Court Wedding Gloucestershire-UK

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    Rosea-delicate bridal hair accessory-NMY1
    Naomi, my beautiful bride got married a few days ago at the incredibly grand Elmore Court in Gloucestershire. It is always a great sight of the house passing through the gates leading to the house and it makes me feel like I am stepping into a film setting (I like dreaming). Anyway, back to reality, it was an early start but the morning was a very beautiful one with lots of sunshine and warm air. It was probably too warm for a November morning.

    Naomi`s day was blessed with good weather and the fact that my bride was relaxed made the day feel like I wasn’t at work! Time went by slowly and the hair styling was very relaxing in a lot of ways. I even got time at the end to take this image here above something that does not happen very often. I hadn`t seen Emily for a while but today she was on make-up while I was on hair duties.

    I am very happy to mention that Naomi my bride wore one of my delicately handmade hair accessories. It looked so pretty in her hair. I can`t wait to see the professional images from James Fear whom I also hadn’t seen for while was on photographic duties. Keep your eyes peeled and if you like the hair accessory above get in touch!