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  1. bridal-hairstylist - anyhoe-park-rzy 5

    Anyhoe Park in Oxfordshire has got to be one of the most eccentric venues hosting weddings that I have seen so far. In my opinion, there is nothing subtle about the way this venue had been designed. Everything about the interior design will have your mouth open as you walk through the differently decorated rooms. It is a jaw dropping venue. So for those brides out there looking for that to add to their wedding, this is the place to go for. 
    I was lucky to be at Anyhoe park recently for Rosalie`s wedding. Her wedding was a different a kind of wedding that I have been lucky to be part of. Right from the dress, hair, make up, nails and up to smallest detail of the ceremony and reception, her wedding style was dramatic. Hair wise, the bridal style was dramatized by using a beautifully created flower wreath by frog flowers For final touches we added a plain birdcage to the floral wreath to add more drama to her bridal hairstyle.I styled her hair and the wedding photography and images for her wedding was by Allister
    bridal-hairstylist - anyhoe-park-rzy 1(1)bridal-hairstylist - anyhoe-park-rzy 2
    bridal-hairstylist - anyhoe-park-rzy 3
    bridal-hairstylist - anyhoe-park-rzy 7bridal-hairstylist - anyhoe-park-rzy 21
    bridal-hairstylist - anyhoe-park-rzy 22
    bridal-hairstylist - anyhoe-park-rzy 8
    bridal-hairstylist - anyhoe-park-rzy 9
    bridal-hairstylist - anyhoe-park-rzy 10
    bridal-hairstylist - anyhoe-park-rzy 11
    bridal-hairstylist - anyhoe-park-rzy 14
    bridal-hairstylist - anyhoe-park-rzy 17
    bridal-hairstylist - anyhoe-park-rzy 18bridal-hairstylist - anyhoe-park-rzy 13
    bridal-hairstylist - anyhoe-park-rzy 12
    bridal-hairstylist - anyhoe-park-rzy 16

  2. bibury bridal-hairstylist-cotswolds-uk-pny 5
    Penny booked me on short notice. Both our time schedules were stretched and there was no time to fit in a wedding hair trial and consultation prior to the day. We chatted about her dress and hairstyles by email. A mini consultation and trial as well as the real hairstyling was all done on the actual wedding day. Her bravery, confidence and trust in me to deliver on the wedding day took me by surprise. She was very calm and relaxed. We used hair extensions to emphasize body and tie in with the rest of Penny`s requests. At the end of the styling, we couldn’t have been happier with the hair styling results. I think it was a huge success. Penny was over the moon with her bridal hairstyle. She sent me this sweet message below.

    “Hi Sheena, I just wanted to say a huge huge HUGE thank you for doing such a lovely job on mine and my bridesmaids hair. I'd read that you were good from other peoples reviews but you still managed to exceed my expectations. I was thrilled with my hair and felt beautiful - like a bride should do. It was such a pleasure to meet you. Wishing you all the best for your future. Kindest regards, Penny x” 
    Needless to say, I loved the style too. I hope that you can enjoy viewing these beauties below taken by by Rik Pennginton Photography . The wedding was in Bibury-Cotswolds-Uk
    bibury bridal-hairstylist-cotswolds-uk-pny 2
    bibury bridal-hairstylist-cotswolds-uk-pny 3
    bibury bridal-hairstylist-cotswolds-uk-pny 4
    bibury bridal-hairstylist-cotswolds-uk-pny 1
    bibury bridal-hairstylist-cotswolds-uk-pny 6bibury bridal-hairstylist-cotswolds-uk-pny 7bibury bridal-hairstylist-cotswolds-uk-pny 9bibury bridal-hairstylist-cotswolds-uk-pny 10bibury bridal-hairstylist-cotswolds-uk-pny 11bibury bridal-hairstylist-cotswolds-uk-pny 12bibury bridal-hairstylist-cotswolds-uk-pny 13bibury bridal-hairstylist-cotswolds-uk-pny 17bibury bridal-hairstylist-cotswolds-uk-pny 16bibury bridal-hairstylist-cotswolds-uk-pny 14bibury bridal-hairstylist-cotswolds-uk-pny 15bibury bridal-hairstylist-cotswolds-uk-pny 19bibury bridal-hairstylist-cotswolds-uk-pny 20bibury bridal-hairstylist-cotswolds-uk-pny 18
  3. lower-slaughter-manor-wedding-hairstylist-amyf 9.9
    I asked my bride Amy how she wanted to see herself on her wedding day and her reply was “Elegant”. She wanted the word elegant to be the one to describe her wedding style throughout the day. She had chosen the dress and the venue especially with that in mind. Hair wise, she knew how she wanted to look like from the front but had mixed feelings about how the back of her hair hairstyle should look like. So I took matters in own hands and created this fabulously beautiful hairstyle to suit her, her dress and wedding theme.
    lower-slaughter-manor-wedding-hairstylist-amyf 2.2
    She still had a choice to say no to the style I created fro her as she had 2 other choices of trial hairstyles to choose from but after long thoughts on it, her doubts were settled and I was glad that she chose this one in the end. On the wedding day, a genuinely heartfelt thank you from her mum who was beaming with this huge smile confirmed that Amy was a happy bride.
    lower-slaughter-manor-wedding-hairstylist-amyf 10.10
    On the next day after her wedding, Amy sent me this beautiful email message which made me feel emotional.
    “Hi Sheena!
    Just a quick message to say THANK YOU for your wonderful hair styling on Saturday! I absolutely LOVED my hair, I had so many comments on it.  It was just beautiful, and it stayed put all day and night, I even went to breakfast like that the next morning! In fact Ive only just brushed it all out this morning, ha ha. You were absolutely wonderful, calm and serene and you really made my wedding morning a lovely relaxed affair! Claire's hair looked fabulous too and it just suited the dress perfectly. I will send some professional pics once I have them, but for now have attached some iphone images! You can't see the hair too well, but the overall affect was just perfect”.

    Thanks Amy. It was an absolute pleasure. This is one of the other reasons why I love this job. When you get a comment like that how can you not be proud of your work?

    lower-slaughter-manor-wedding-hairstylist-amyf 3.3

    A massive thanks to Amy and to the photographers Glen and Nicola who captured the beauty of the style so well for sharing their images with me. You can see the whole blog entry by following the link  I had not met Glen and Nicola before but having had a look at their website, I know that they have shot another one of my weddings which is yet to be blogged here. Keep your eyes open for that.

  4. uk-bridal-hairstylist-tna (33)
    I have been very lucky again this year to have met so many amazing people. Tina and Tim were another special couple. Their wedding was at the fantastic Ellenborough Park wedding Venue in Cheltenham. On their wedding day, I don’t think I have met a bride and groom so relaxed like these two. They were very welcoming when I met them. This was one of those unusual occasions where I got the honour of meeting the groom on the day! On arrival, I was immediately made to feel at ease and the hairstyling for the day was without much effort at all. To top it up for me, I was even asked to sit and join in for the breakfast. What a treat it was! I nearly forgot I was at work! If you hadn’t seen me with a hairbrush, you wouldn’t have known I was the hairdresser when I was tucking in on the breakfast. Thanks Tina and Tim.

    Speaking of work, the bridal hairstyle for the day was done to hold and suit each of the 4 different themes/dresses that Tina was going to change into throughout on the wedding day. The wedding was done in two different sessions the first was a Chinese traditional wedding ceremony in the early morning hours and then the second, a western wedding ceremony soon after that. Then there was the dress change for Tina and Tim`s special dance as well as the midnight party. So much fun!  Looking at the images, I think Tina and I did very well in choosing the right style for the day.
    uk-bridal-hairstylists-tna (1)
    uk-bridal-hairstylists-tna (2)
    uk-bridal-hairstylists-tna (3)
    uk-bridal-hairstylists-tna (4)
    uk-bridal-hairstylist-tna (5)
    uk-bridal-hairstylist-tna (7)
    uk-bridal-hairstylist-tna (8)
    uk-bridal-hairstylist-tna (10)
    uk-bridal-hairstylist-tna (11)
    uk-bridal-hairstylist-tna (14)
    uk-bridal-hairstylist-tna (19)
    uk-bridal-hairstylist-tna (20)
    uk-bridal-hairstylist-tna (23)
    uk-bridal-hairstylist-tna (24)uk-bridal-hairstylist-tna (25)
    uk-bridal-hairstylist-tna (26)
    uk-bridal-hairstylist-tna (28)
    uk-bridal-hairstylist-tna (29)
    uk-bridal-hairstylist-tna (34)
    uk-bridal-hairstylist-tna (36)
    uk-bridal-hairstylist-tna (39)uk-bridal-hairstylist-tna (41)uk-bridal-hairstylist-tna (42)

    The wedding hairstyle was done to allow the hair to be let down for the last dance later on in the night.Thanks Tina for sharing your images and special thanks to Alex Miller the photographer who captured the day moments so beautifully. You can view more on this wedding and more about Alex here on

  5. bibury-wedding-hairdresser-cotswolds-uk-nky (2).2
    Romantic. How do you explain romance to someone? How do you actually create a style and make it look romantic? In my opinion, romance in one`s eyes could be something entirely different to another. My ideas of a romantic wedding hairstyle could be very different to your idea of how you would see romantic. It is such a big realm to work with and so many ideas and how would you actually pinpoint the exact way everyone sees romance. If I described to you my idea of romantic for my natural hair, I think you may have to run a mile.

    We are all different aren’t we? And so would you agree that it would be quite a challenge to actually pin down the exact definition of a romantic hair style. Dreamy? Well, on this occasion, I think I got very very close to pinning down the word romantic wedding hairstyle for this very happy bride here below as what we created was exactly how she visualised a romantic wedding hairstyle to be. A very happy bride. Pleased to share the images taken by Lisa dawn
    bibury-wedding-hairdresser-cotswolds-uk-nky (1).4
    bibury-wedding-hairdresser-cotswolds-uk-nky (12).2
    bibury-wedding-hairdresser-cotswolds-uk-nky (3).2bibury-wedding-hairdresser-cotswolds-uk-nky (4).2
    bibury-wedding-hairdresser-cotswolds-uk-nky (7).2
    bibury-wedding-hairdresser-cotswolds-uk-nky (6).2bibury-wedding-hairdresser-cotswolds-uk-nky (8).2bibury-wedding-hairdresser-cotswolds-uk-nky (11).2