Michelle`s Hollywood Glamour Wedding At Cripps Barn-Cotswolds-UK

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Hollywood-vintage-bridal-hairstyle-UK-Magri 1.1
Since I am having this wonderful afternoon off, I thought I would catch up with you all. At Cripps Barn in the Cotswolds this year, I had the pleasure of styling this beautiful bride who wanted to have the full glamour of the red carpet.

Obviously, pleased with the hair results. Beautiful Images by the courtesy of Gemma Williams photography. All make up by the talented Emily Tarrant. Enjoy browsing and hope to hear from you soon. Regards, Sheena.
Hollywood-vintage-bridal-hairstyle-UK-Magri 1.4.1
Hollywood-vintage-bridal-hairstyle-UK-Magri 1.5
Hollywood-vintage-bridal-hairstyle-UK-Magri 1.2
Hollywood-vintage-bridal-hairstyle-UK-Magri 1.3
Hollywood-vintage-bridal-hairstyle-UK-Magri 1.8
Hollywood-vintage-bridal-hairstyle-UK-Magri 1.3.1
Hollywood-vintage-bridal-hairstyle-UK-Magri 1.4.0
Hollywood-vintage-bridal-hairstyle-UK-Magri 1.6
Hollywood-vintage-bridal-hairstyle-UK-Magri 1.9

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