Hannah`s wedding at Cripps Barn-Cotswolds UK

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Cripps-Barn-wedding-hairstylist-gloucesterhsire-HAN 11
This is another one of my weddings last year at Cripps Barn in the Cotswolds. The hair was styled mostly down to suit the bride and her style. Hannah had initially thought of having her hair styled up to look a bit different from her usual self but after the various styles up at the trial, we decided that the hair down option was the best and so we eventually finalised on hair down. I suggested adding curls/waves to hair to make it more bridal and I have to say that it worked out very well.
Cripps-Barn-wedding-hairstylist-gloucesterhsire-HAN 4
Obviously Hannah was thrilled with her finished wedding day style. If you are not quite sure what will work for you on your wedding day and torn on what will be suited to you, please don’t hesitate to contact me for advice and guidance. Images by
James Fear, make up by Emily Tarrant on make-up and I was the hairstylist! Thanks for reading on. Sheena P.s, I will be posting Hannah`s beautiful hair trial styles so keep your eyes peeled  and for the time being enjoy these ones below on Hannah`s wedding day.
Cripps-Barn-wedding-hairstylist-gloucesterhsire-HAN 1
Cripps-Barn-wedding-hairstylist-gloucesterhsire-HAN 2
Cripps-Barn-wedding-hairstylist-gloucesterhsire-HAN 3
Cripps-Barn-wedding-hairstylist-gloucesterhsire-HAN 5
Cripps-Barn-wedding-hairstylist-gloucesterhsire-HAN 6
Cripps-Barn-wedding-hairstylist-gloucesterhsire-HAN 7
flowergirls-wedding-hairstyles-han 2
flowergirls-wedding-hairstyles-han 1
Cripps-Barn-wedding-hairstylist-gloucesterhsire-HAN 8
Cripps-Barn-wedding-hairstylist-gloucesterhsire-HAN 9
Cripps-Barn-wedding-hairstylist-gloucesterhsire-HAN 10
Cripps-Barn-wedding-hairstylist-gloucesterhsire-HAN 12
Cripps-Barn-wedding-hairstylist-gloucesterhsire-HAN 13
Cripps-Barn-wedding-hairstylist-gloucesterhsire-HAN 14
Cripps-Barn-wedding-hairstylist-gloucesterhsire-HAN 15

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