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  1. Barnsley-Cotswolds-wedding-hair stylist-UK-HLRY-1
    My next bride Hilary has got to be on the list for the most relaxed brides I have had in the Cotswolds. She had been recommended to me by Emily Tarrant. Finding time to take off her busy work schedule and in the middle of moving house and wedding planning, Hilary took a train from London to come and see me for a trial. She was very kind and very easy to please.
    “I want to be me, free, have fun and enjoy every bit of the day. I want a hairstyle that is simple and allow me to feel relaxed and Sheena, I want you to enjoy yourself too as you style my hair on my wedding day so please don’t fuss too much!” 
    I could see why she had picked that particular Jesus Piero wedding dress. It suited her personality perfectly and beautifully. For wedding hairstyling, she was staying at Barnsley house Hotel in Barnsley a magnificent Cotswolds village and getting married at Cripps Barn.  
    Emily Tarrant as usual was great with the make-up. The wedding day was captured with a sharp eye here by the award winning international photographer Martins Kikulis had a great pleasure working with Martins whom I had not met before. Hilary`s kindness to me was a knock out. I love this job. It is always exciting and I get to meet some of the most amazing people from all over the world. Their kindness to me has really kept me happy in this job. Barnsley-Cotswolds-wedding-hair stylist-UK-HLRY-4
    Barnsley-Cotswolds-wedding-hair stylist-UK-HLRY-2Barnsley-Cotswolds-wedding-hair stylist-UK-HLRY-6

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    Barnsley-Cotswolds-wedding-hair stylist-UK-HLRY-3
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    Barnsley-Cotswolds-wedding-hair stylist-UK-HLRY-13
    Barnsley-Cotswolds-wedding-hair stylist-UK-HLRY-14

    Hilary love her style very much that she had a friend,a talented illustrationist  to draw her hair style!They are beautiful aren`t they?

    Barnsley-Cotswolds-wedding-hair stylist-UK-HLRY-16
    Barnsley-Cotswolds-wedding-hair stylist-UK-HLRY-15

    Thanks for visiting.Sheena

  2. Tewkesbury-gloucestershire-UK-wedding-hairdresser-EMHKS (4)

    Met Emma on one very dark cold evening. She had been worried about how her hair was going to look like as she had fine and delicate hair. She had a dream of having this specific style for her wedding day but she didn’t know whether it would work with her hair. So she said to me, Sheena, if you can do that, I will be a very happy bride.
    That is all she wanted and I am proud to share these images with you from her wedding day.

    The wedding hairstyles for the brides maids were created with Emma`s wishes in mind. Location for the wedding hairstyling was Puckrup Hilton hall wedding venue in Gloucestershire-Tewkesbury-Uk Images are by the courtesy of Thanks for browsing and if you have a specific style that you have dreamed of having for your day, then get in touch. I can help. Thanks,Sheena.
    Tewkesbury-gloucestershire-UK-wedding-hairdresser-EMHKS (1)

     Tewkesbury-gloucestershire-UK-wedding-hairdresser-EMHKS (2)

    Tewkesbury-gloucestershire-UK-wedding-hairdresser-EMHKS (6)

    Tewkesbury-gloucestershire-UK-wedding-hairdresser-EMHKS (8)

    Tewkesbury-gloucestershire-UK-wedding-hairdresser-EMHKS (9)

    Tewkesbury-gloucestershire-UK-wedding-hairdresser-EMHKS (3)

     Tewkesbury-gloucestershire-UK-wedding-hairdresser-EMHKS (7)