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    Yes, you are the bride and you want that hairstyle that some celebrity is wearing? Then read on!
    My advice is to be open and flexible with your hair ideas. First of all, know your best points hair and face wise and think about what you may hate about your hair. Be very realistic and don’t be fooled by the images of celebrity faces. If there is hairstyle that you like which is being worn by a celebrity, remember that your facial features are different from theirs. Their hair length, texture, volume etc will be different too. Are they using added hair extensions in the style that you want for yourself? Do you have the same kind of volume or not? Consider the angles of photography from where the hair style was taken. If you find the back and sides of that hairstyle, is there a front that you can work towards? Cut out their face and place yours onto that image you have. Does it suit you?
    cotswold-wedding-hairstylist-uk-mic (8)
    cotswold-wedding-hairstylist-uk-mic (9)cotswold-wedding-hairstylist-uk-mic (13)
    cotswold-wedding-hairstylist-uk-mic (14)
    cotswold-wedding-hairstylist-uk-mic (18)
    cotswold-wedding-hairstylist-uk-mic (19)
    In your mind, don’t forget that your face has got to wear that hairstyle that you have chosen. It is very easy to be misguided by the look of the hairstyle from back and side and then have no thoughts at all about how the front of that celebrity style may look on your face! If you have very fine hair that you know is going to be hard to create the desired volume to match the “celebrity look”, speak to your wedding hairstylist in detail and they will be happy to guide you in your final decision?
    By all means pick up inspirations from catwalks and models and photo shoots but don’t forget that some of these hairstyles will always look great on cover or paper but in reality, they may be unwearable on the street and hence even harder to wear them on your wedding day. Well unless of course you are going for a dramatically nonconventional wedding and or if you think the cat walking style is what suits your personality and wedding day then why not just go for it.
    cotswold-wedding-hairstylist-uk-mic (17)
    cotswold-wedding-hairstylist-uk-mic (16)
    cotswold-wedding-hairstylist-uk-mic (15)
    It doesn’t hurt to try and mimic the hairstyles you like back at home first and play with and toss them around in your mind at home while doing your house work etc especially if you want a vintage inspired wedding hairstyle. Yes I really mean that. Yes please do experiment. Get your roller set out curl your hair and or pin it in a wavy or curly style or in a way to mimic tour desired hairstyle and do keep looking in the mirror to check your image out and see whether it would work okay. A little warning though, do that when your fiancé is out otherwise he will probably wonder what's gotten into your head of recent if he sees you checking yourself out in the mirror ever so dreamily too often.
    cotswold-wedding-hairstylist-uk-mic (12)cotswold-wedding-hairstylist-uk-mic (22)
    It will be worth it before your trial especially if the bridal wedding hairstyle you have seen and fallen in love with is some really crazy hair idea that you fancy for your wedding. The hint is if he says you look nice with your hair like that, then you can work along similar lines without spilling the beans.
    cotswold-wedding-hairstylist-uk-mic (32)cotswold-wedding-hairstylist-uk-mic (33)
    cotswold-wedding-hairstylist-uk-mic (39)

    Treat your bridesmaids too.
    Below are some beautiful wedding hairstyles that I have created for bridesmaids to suit. I created these hair styles on the actual day without any trials prior to the wedding day and I think they worked out very well. Ask your hairstylist to recommend something special for them.cotswold-wedding-hairstylist-uk-mic (23)cotswold-wedding-hairstylist-uk-mic (24)cotswold-wedding-hairstylist-uk-mic (25)cotswold-wedding-hairstylist-uk-mic (26)cotswold-wedding-hairstylist-uk-mic (29)cotswold-wedding-hairstylist-uk-mic (31)cotswold-wedding-hairstylist-uk-mic (42)

    And lastly, consider the possibility of tricky weather on the day. As you can see from then photos, they had to get the umbrellas out! In fact they had searched for the right umbrellas to cover all the guests just in case and they weren’t to be disappointed in taking time to do that as it did rain after all.
    cotswold-wedding-hairstylist-uk-mic (47)cotswold-wedding-hairstylist-uk-mic (44)
    cotswold-wedding-hairstylist-uk-mic (45)
    cotswold-wedding-hairstylist-uk-mic (61)
    The special moments on this entry were captured by Jamie Bott Wedding photography. The images above were taken on a wedding at the swan Hotel, Bibury- Cotswolds-Gloucestershire-Uk. To find out more about Jamie, please click on his name. cotswold-wedding-hairstylist-uk-mic (20)gd1

    Thanks for reading. X Sheena.

  2. wedding-bridal-hairstylist-lzy-17

    Now how shall I describe the day Lizzie got married? For me, I suppose I can say that it was a classic English weather day if this is how I should describe English weather. “Thick fog and drizzle in the early morning, followed by heavy rain, then sunshine in the afternoon and strong winds to follow”. Now what more could one have wanted for a perfectly English weather pattern for a typical English wedding ? Snow? Perhaps not. Can that happen in May? You tell me. And all of it perfectly set in the proper description of the beautiful English country side if you can try to describe that perfectly.

    wedding-bridal-hairstylist-lzy (10)wedding-bridal-hairstylist-lzy-1
    Any way Lizzie contacted me on short notice and was worried about her hair as other trials that she had had with another hairdresser had been a disaster so she was desperate to find someone who could visualise what she wanted. As a mobile wedding hairdresser briefed with all that information and hours of trial runs in addition to my wonderful and well trained army of hair brushes, rollers, tongs, grips, hairsprays I meandered all the way from Cheltenham to Bath -Cotswolds-UK ready for a hair fight!
    After a rather long consultation with the girls and Lizzie I knew then that yes I was in for a big hair fight but girl was I ready for it! The girls had an idea how they wanted their hair and Lizzie on the other hand had other ideas for them to pick up her wedding theme. This is the thing with us professionals. We are expected and have to be able to deal with all sorts of new challenges thrown at us without warning and that’s why clients trust us to deliver no matter what.  This was not a day to upset anyone so knowing that I had to make sure that the two sides met somewhere in the middle, and given what the weather was doing outside, eventually, following my own work instincts and expertise, I took matters in my own hands and created something that was most suited to Lizzie and the girls without forgetting Lizzie`s dream as well as what the girls were most comfortable with. I am glad I did.

    A few weeks later, Lizzie sent me an email all excited and very very thankful when the images came out. Now, I could sing and dance around! All photography on lizzie`s wedding day on this blog entry were by Amie Herriott . I would like to say a special thanks to Amie, Lizzie and the girls for their praises.
    Fighting against these weather elements is never easy hairstyle wise and given the fact that some shots were taken outside against the odd weather.  In one of the so many great images by Amie Herriott you can see that at one point the wind was doing what it does best, going against all the wishes of everyone especially the hairdresser and  blowing the hair all over the place! I think the fight was not with the hair but rather with the wind! Grrrrr! In fact I had a night mare about it on that night.
    The wedding and bridal hair styles stayed put all throughout the day and looking at the images, I can`t help a big smile and a sense of pride.  Amie, thank you letting me look at the styles through your images right to the very end of the dramatic weather day and for letting me share your images with my clients here on my website.
    I also can`t help myself to share this lovely card sent to me from Lizzie and Someone will have to pinch me or wipe this smile off my face first but until then I am going to enjoy the feeling of wining the hair war against all odds on that day! Yeeeeaah!!!
    thank you card lzy 001

    All Hair styled by me- Sheena 
    All photographic credits for this entry- Amie Herriott
    All make up on this day was done by Sarah Brock

  3. wedding_hair_hairstyles_uk_fby (28)
    On Phoebe`s wedding day, I wasn’t supposed to work. It was my birthday and I would have been somewhere else had her mum not contacted me well in advance. Her mum contacted me almost a year in advance! I had only just celebrated my birthday and so was still in the celebratory mood when the phone rang. I couldn’t bring myself to say no to her mum having spoken to her over the phone. Even though Phoebe was wearing a vintage dress, she wanted a hairstyle that would allow her to still see her normal self on the day.
    wedding_hair_hairstyles_uk_fby (3)
    When the wedding day arrived, I didn’t regret having said yes over the phone. I was very proud that I had been part of the day. The beautiful house tucked away in the village Winson not so far from Bibury-Cotswolds was just a super setting for getting ready in the morning. Phoebe, mum and the girls made sure I wasn’t left out for my birthday! Thank you very much Phoebe. Yet again, Emily Tarrant worked her magic with make-up and she did not disappoint. You can see that here in the images below. Thanks Emily.  I am very happy to share these wedding and bridal hairstyles with you shown here by the images taken by photographer Chris Hudson - Don’t you just love her wedding dress? Enjoy, Sheena.
    wedding_hair_hairstyles_uk_fby (10)wedding_hair_hairstyles_uk_fby (11)wedding_hair_hairstyles_uk_fby (4)wedding_hair_hairstyles_uk_fby (6)wedding_hair_hairstyles_uk_fby (5)
    wedding_hair_hairstyles_uk_fby (9)wedding_hair_hairstyles_uk_fby (25)wedding_hair_hairstyles_uk_fby (26)wedding_hair_hairstyles_uk_fby (30)wedding_hair_hairstyles_uk_fby (29)wedding_hair_hairstyles_uk_fby (16)wedding_hair_hairstyles_uk_fby (17)wedding_hair_hairstyles_uk_fby (12)wedding_hair_hairstyles_uk_fby (15)wedding_hair_hairstyles_uk_fby (14)wedding_hair_hairstyles_uk_fby (20)wedding_hair_hairstyles_uk_fby (21)wedding_hair_hairstyles_uk_fby (13)wedding_hair_hairstyles_uk_fby (23)wedding_hair_hairstyles_uk_fby (2)wedding_hair_hairstyles_uk_fby (1)
    Image credits for this entry: photographer Chris Hudson -