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  1. victoria-mark at lowerslaughtermanor-wedding venue
    Victoria will have celebrated her first wedding anniversary by now. She got married last summer. When she first contacted me, her major concern was not being able to have volume with her hair for the wedding. She was worried that it was too fine to have what she wanted. Understanding every bride`s wishes and visions is the core of the way I work. Listening alone is not enough. One has to understand and create a vision to match what the client is requesting for in a very natural and realistic way. I should also like to say and reassure you that if you have hair concerns do not to lose hope.

    You can still look fabulous whatever your concerns are in regards to your wedding hair style. Consult first if you are not sure with your hair stylist to find out how it will all look like. On top of that, a trial session if done well should be able to take away your worries. I had no close up hair images from Victoria`s wedding but it’s a pleasure to take this moment to share this link with you that shows Victoria on her wedding day on Nicola and Glen`s blog  The day was beautifully shot by Nicola and Glen wedding photography at the Lower Slaughter Manor.