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    It is busy indeed at the moment but at last after a long while of waiting, I can spare a few moments to catch up and share these amazing images from Albert palmer on this wedding at Dewsall Court. What a day it was on Sharon`s wedding morning. Blue skies and plenty of sunshine and happy faces greeted me on my arrival at Dewsall Court. This venue has recently become one of my favourite wedding venues. The house on arrival gives the beholder a sense of freedom to roam around the beautiful and gardens around it. And when you finally get into the house, well, it`s one of those that always take my breathe away every time I go there. It allows my imagination to go a little hyper. Each time I arrive here, I wish that If I could, I would probably just let myself get lost into the fields nearby, following a lane that ends into the middle of nowhere but surrounded by the sheer beauty of all things green around and forget work…and….. Anyway, I must get back to reality. 
    Bridal-hair by-Sheenas-wedding-hairstyles-Uk-SHRYN-12

    Sharon was a nervous bride hair wise. On the day, we changed the style. I know the feeling of being unsure of the style as I have been there before myself so I totally understood her. Using the calmness that the venue provided, I reassured her that she would be okay and her hair would look great. It`s not unusual for the bride to have second thoughts on the style on the actual day. The secret to deal with such a sudden request is to be prepared for it at all times. I have had to change the bridal style at the spot a few times throughout my career and each time has been with stunning results I must say.

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    And looking at the images here, I am proud of myself. I shall hope that you enjoy the rest of the images from the photographic work of one very talented gentleman whom I have to say is simply the most relaxed photographer I have come across recently. Where had he been hiding all this time? Well you now know him and you can find more of his work here and by following this link below.
    ALbert Palmer 

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