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  1. Bespoke wedding hair peices and bridal wedding hair accessories-UK-SFYA-0
    I haven’t blogged for ages because it`s been a bit manic and so haven’t had the time to blog away. Anyway, very quickly, I would like to introduce you to Signature head piece collection which is an exclusive range of colourful bespoke accessories that you will truly cherish for a long time after your wedding as they can be worn on any other special occasion. 
    This one was worn by my bride Sophia who got married in Stanton. These images are from our mobile phones some of the trials and one from her wedding day. I am excited as I am still waiting for some professional images. I am keeping my finger crossed as it would be great to see the detail more clearly.The accessories in this collection is simply stunning. I encourage you to come and have a look at one!

    Bespoke wedding hair peices and bridal wedding hair accessories-UK-SFYA-1