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    I had not been to Park mill farm before. This venue brought back memories of home as I drove through the fields along a rugged country lane with bushy hedges on either side that ended in the middle of now where and I was lost. I couldn’t find my way to the venue thank goodness for the telephones. The satellite navigation machine was lost and confused too on that morning and couldn’t find the farm. The saving grace was that I always give myself plenty of time to travel so I wasn’t late otherwise I would have had a mad panic. Little did I know that you actually had to drive through the entrance which was cut out in the hedges and out of clear sight. This venue was a very well hidden gem.  
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    Through the entrance, what I could see was this beautiful old and fragile half fallen wall not far from the house with some of the bricks still left visibly on the ground. This wall that nobody was allowed to rebuild unless they had special permission to do so as it was protected was simply the perfect touch to the venue. Looking at that house and the wall on that morning and the grounds, I felt connected to my rural home only it didn’t have the scattered coffee and banana trees, sheep, cows, chickens, goats, and ducks running around like mad which creates total chaos.

    This was an English country rural farm pretty, neat, clean and organised and none of all that chaos that to me it looked like a dreamy wonderland world in my eyes. I was able to relax now and take in all the things the venue had to offer and enjoy the rest of the day. With all the venue information sealed within my brain to use for the job, I was ready to start work.

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    The make-up was done by Lucy from Boo Lou. I have worked with Lucy now on several occasions and each time she never disappoints. As usual, her make-up was magical. It was great team work that produced the stunning results for the day. And when it came to photography, well, this lady is a genius. The amount of detail in each image is incredible. I had not worked with Hannah before but you will find a true talent in her and so relaxing to have around for photography for the day.

    The images here are some of my favourites showing our work for that day. Her works is fantastic and I would say for you to get a better feel for the quality of her work, please do visit her website

     hair-by-sheenas-wedding-hairstyles-cotswolds-uk-jbad 29hair-by-sheenas-wedding-hairstyles-cotswolds-uk-jbad 30hair-by-sheenas-wedding-hairstyles-cotswolds-uk-jbad 31hair-by-sheenas-wedding-hairstyles-cotswolds-uk-jbad 36hair-by-sheenas-wedding-hairstyles-cotswolds-uk-jbad 38hair-by-sheenas-wedding-hairstyles-cotswolds-uk-jbad 41hair-by-sheenas-wedding-hairstyles-cotswolds-uk-jbad 46hair-by-sheenas-wedding-hairstyles-cotswolds-uk-jbad 3hair-by-sheenas-wedding-hairstyles-cotswolds-uk-jbad 54
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    The beautiful flowers were all done by Jenny Fleur. Now I wouldn’t normally mention cars here as this site is dedicated to hair plus I am especially not knowledgeable when it comes to cars. I wouldn’t know which is which. What I remember about Jenny`s car is the colours of the inside of the car, If you have seen it, you won`t forget it? What a car. Great idea to have it upholstered in different colours inside!

    I tell you if that car was to be dropped off somewhere in my village, the whole village would surround it and curiously look at it like it is something alien dropped off the sun. Those colours inside, they just brighten you up when you look inside it. Wonder what it would feel like to sit in it. This is another reason to love my job. It lets me see the other side of the world.

    Sincere thanks to Jenny and Hannah for allowing me to use their images. I hope you too have loved them.

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    This is a late entry from last October 2014 but I hope you have been able to enjoy the images from this wedding doted around this website. My bride Laura had extremely long, thick and beautiful hair that it would have looked glorious even in its undone and rough state.  It was the kind of hair that most people want and she had it naturally. At the consultation, my first instinct was to suggest all hair down and very loosely styled and it would have looked great as well but Laura`s  worry was all to do with the English weather  plus the fact that she always wore it down and this time she wanted to wear it slightly different from normal.

    She was getting married at Cripps barn in the picturesque country side which offered effortless romance throughout. She had been looking forwards to having a style up but done to suit her personality. 
    On her wedding day, she wore a two piece style wedding dress. It had a beautiful sleeveless top, and a simple and elegant skirt to match. I hadn’t  seen one like that before and even now as I write this blog, I haven’t come across one ever since. I thought the dress had a great femininity to it which is difficult to find in most modern dresses.

    The detailed vintage veil and the flowers for final hair touches were just perfect for the whole look. Laura has been very kind for me to use her images here and you can see more about her wedding by following the link The images for Laura`s wedding were by the courtesy of Chris Giles Photography. The flowers, were supplied by Beth Cox(+447971808463 / +441285 720195). I love Beth`s  style and our paths seem to cross on so many occasions so she comes highly recommended as I have seen so many different beautiful flower arrangements from her that manage to take my breathe away each time. Enjoy the images. xSheena